Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Out with some of the old, and in with the new: Craftbotic Changes 2013

I am not a big fan of New Year's Resolutions, or New Year in fact. You can read about my worst New Years experiences here to clarify that seemingly controversial statement!

{FYI - We had dinner in with couple friends of ours and it wasn't as lame as New Year normally is....I did however spend the whole freakin' day preparing for it though which ruined it a bit.}

Anyhow, you didn't rock up here today to read some grumpy Gertrude whining about New Years (although your head might be in agreement after the festivities last night). You wanted to hear about what will be new on Craftbotic in 2013. 
I love crafting and making new items and without the 'excuse' of a craft fair, or many birthdays coming along which I can craft for, I needed a new outlet  excuse to get my craft on. So bring on 2013 and Craftbotic's craft challenge. (Please, please pin this so I can reach out to all of those crafty people on the interwebs)

Throughout the month, I will be bringing you craft ideas for each theme and the fun part? On the last Monday of each month any of you folks who have decided to join in the monthly challenge can link-up your own ideas in a craft party. Watch this space for guest-posting and co-hosting opportunities.
Link up your January projects on Monday 28th January.
Some regular readers will know that I am raising money for Pancreatic Cancer research and respite as a person very close to me was diagnosed early in the New Year 2012. Together with my Super Hero run and the Craft Fair, I raised 419 pounds and 56 pence last year for a UK based charity. (That's about $684 USD and 516 euros)

I want to raise even more this year for the same charity. So I am:
1. Selling sponsorship on Craftbotic for the first time. A featured ad space can be yours by donating money to either my nominated charity (Pancreatic Cancer UK), one in your own country, or via Passionfruit.
Ads are large (250 x 250), come with an optional guest post, and features of 2 of your posts on my blog or social media. I am not going to do the hard sell on sponsorship, if people rock up, they do, if they don't, they don't.
But it is a bargain at 12 pounds, 15 euros or 20 USD!

2. Selling pre-made blog designs. This will be slowly launched throughout the year. I love blog design, but do not want to go the custom route. I intend to make affordable, pre-made designs for newbie bloggers with all of the money going to my designated charity.

3. I'm writing an e-book. I hope that by 2014 it will be ready to publish in return for a donation to the same charity.

And of course, there are projects in the works off-line too. I think I might try and hold a quiz night in May.
'Book Club' wasn't the biggest Craftbotic success last year, so for the time being, I am going to be nominating a monthly book and if people want to read along they can. I will review the book on the first Friday of every month. So January's book, which you can find out about here, will have a review on Friday 1st February. Reading along? Then you can link-up your thoughts on the book with me, or if you already read it and have a past review, you can link that up too.
 The Blog Angels project is still up and running in 2013. There have been more changes to the proceedings than the guards at Buckingham Palace and 2013 will be no different. Except this time, the changes will be pretty much set in stone. Including the button! I'm off to design one that can last the whole year round!

Running Blog Angels in the traditional way, where I matched up everyone secretly, emailed everyone individually and then acted as mediator, was REALLY time consuming. You folks prefer this version over all of the others, but I just don't think I have the time to do the matching in this way. Lots of you have kindly offered to help with the admin. While I am not allergic to help, I wouldn't want to wish the quantity of work on any of my Blog friends. Seriously, we're talking over 24 hours of admin here.

So what will change? I haven't 100% decided. But please DO come back on 15th January and find out how to sign-up, both for help AND helping in Blog Angels. Finding community in the blogosphere is still a massive goal for me.

I am really excited to collaborate more with my blog friends. Particularly exciting (apart from the craft challenge) is the opportunity to co-host Resolutions in Motion with Brooke, Megan and Tif. I LOVE this project (you set yourself a goal, attack it for 6 weeks, and write a couple of link-ups). I participated in December and found it so motivating to get my blogging butt in gear. I'll be telling you all about it tomorrow, but for now, check out the button - I'm on it! Whoop!
 If you have a project you want to collaborate on, a guest post you want to offer for one of the crafting challenges in 2013, more questions about Craftbotic sponsorship, some book suggestions for what I could read this year, or just want to say hey...then I cannot wait to hear from you.

Happy New Year Craftbotic Buddies!
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Cocalores said...

Wow, you really have big plans for 2013 and you have really thought this through! My plans so far? Try to get up a post this week. Ambitious, right? Ha ha!

Seriously, I love your craft challenge! More crafts is always good. Let's chat later, alright? xo

briannaasaro.com said...

Lots of plans, I see! I love this post, actually. It gives the rest of us crafties great ideas. I love the new crafting resolution. Can't wait to begin!

Natasha V said...

I'm excited for April!!

Happy New Year!

Rebecca @ Herons Crafts said...

This all looks fabulous Rosie! I have pinned the craft schedule and plan to craft along as much as I can - what a great idea! I have also downloaded the January and February books to my Kindle so I will be joining you there as well! Looks like you are going to have a great year!

Alyx said...

I love all the changes, Rosie!! Hope 2013 is an amazing year for you!!

Dara said...

I love your ideas esp the craft challenge! I hope to participate!

Donna Robertson said...

Thankyou so much I volunteer as a group leader for a community craft group through our local Neighbourhood Centre here in NSW Australia. I hope you don't mind but I would like to use this idea there to get thing off the ground this year. :)

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