Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Second Resolution in Motion: Blogging for a Cause

Welcome to Resolutions In Motion: Round TWO! Whether you are new or a returning player from Round One, welcome! We are excited you are here and can't wait to read about all of your goals!

Resolutions In Motion is a 6-week challenge where the participants set a goal and work to achieve it. Join us every Tuesday for inspirational guest posts, surprise giveaways, blog hops, and more! The final link-up will include giveaways for some amazing prizes!

Rosie @ Craftbotic

If you have not yet signed up for this awesome challenge, registration is STILL OPEN! Please go here and fill out the sign-up form, and then make sure you link up your first post before this linky closes (on Saturday, January 12th).

Participating in both the initial (today's) linkup and the final link-up is required to win prizes, but we will also have a link-up each Tuesday throughout the challenge, for anyone who wants to write about their goal and progress regularly!

If you guys caught my 1st January post, you will probably have an idea of what I am going to say here. If you didn't because you had better things to do  partied a bit too hard the night before, then it's worth looking at as there are lots of changes happening on Craftbotic in 2013 and only SOME of them are included in this post! Read this first obviously...(you'd think I would have learnt not to direct people to another post within two sentences by now wouldn't you?)
Resolutions in Motion helped me to reach my goal of setting up a Facebook page and getting some 'likers' fairly quickly in Round 1. So I jumped at the chance of being a bigger part of Round 2 as a co-host. If you haven't liked me on Facebook yet, I would sure appreciate it. The link is under my signature. Ta!
This time my goals are half blog/half life-goal centred. Last year I started raising money for Pancreatic Cancer UK as a reaction to finding out someone incredibly important in my life had contracted the disease. You know that moment when you feel helpless and like you want to take away all of someone's suffering and cure their illness, but can't? I really hope not, but if you have and you are like me, the need to DO something is quite overwhelming. I signed up for a charity run and then did a craft fair. This year I want to do EVEN MORE.
So my goals for Round 2 are:
1. To set up sponsorship on Craftbotic in order to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer. I have technically set all of this up (right after I filled in the Resolutions in Motion form), but have yet to sell, attract or properly explain the sponsor system to my readers. Interested? Click on the link in my sidebar or at the bottom of this post. It should take you to the Sponsor page which should clearly explain what you need to do.
2. To spend 30 minutes per week writing 10 ideas for the ebook I plan to write, and then later on this year (or even at the start of 2014) publish. The ebook will be sold to people and the proceeds will go directly to charity. So by the end of this, I should have at least 60 ideas in my book. (If I want to finish it this century, I probably need to have about 120 ideas by this point...hmmmm....)
3. To make two pre-made blog designs for my new pre-made blog design shop which I intend to launch in the summer, yup once again to raise money for charity.
In the past year I have learnt a lot about blogging and I intend to try and put this to use for a cause, rather than for me. I don't need the money myself, but a disease with a 95% chance of a terminal diagnosis needs defeating, and the research to do this MUST be funded. All of the online fund-raising will take place alongside a proposed quiz night in May and whatever else I can think of...that doesn't included craft fairs or running!
Do you have any other ideas of how I could raise money for charity? Can you help in any way?
Thanks for reading - and don't forget to join in! There's a heads up too that BLOG ANGELS sign up kicks off on 15th January. So if you want to help, or be helped or both, then save the date.
{P.S. If you could pop to my January 1st post and pin my craft challenge graphic I would be so appreciative. As a new project it needs a boost. Ta again!}

The Resolutions In Motion hostesses are very excited to cheer you on, so make sure to link up below! Don't forget to come back every Tuesday for something challenge-related! Make sure to visit the other participants' blogs and cheer them on as well!

As part of the Resolutions In Motion challenge, we will be having two hops- a GFC hop and a Facebook/Twitter hop. Round Two participants who have linked up can use the Rafflecopter below to enter to win a co-host spot for one of the hops!

One last thought- we are still accepting sponsors for this event! There is only a $10 minimum prize value for regular sponsors, who will be featured in a blog post with the other sponsors and who will receive one giveaway entry of their choice in the final giveaway. Featured sponsors ($50 minimum prize value) will be featured in a separate blog post with the other featured sponsors and will receive three giveaway entries of their choice in the final giveaway. Sign up to sponsor here!

Good luck! Let the challenge begin!

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I'm really looking forward to what you guys are all up to. Take care,
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Laura Ryder said...

I love the blogging for a cause. What a wonderful idea!! It's so very hard when someone you love gets diagnosed with a disease with a terminal prognosis. I watched my father battle cancer for 2 1/2 years and my father-in-law fight Leukemia for 4. They both lost their battle but now are resting with God. I applaud you for using your "powers" for good...(okay..bad joke about powers...I tried)

Laura @MiceInTheKitchen

Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

Rosie, you have some very wonderful and very attainable goals happening here! I love it!! And I can't wait to see what your Ebook is all about!

Megan10e said...

Those are some big, awesome goals! I know you can do it!


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