Monday, January 28, 2013

Craft Challenge 2013 - Link-up Your Leftover Crafts and Vote!

 Throughout January, Anja, PJ and I have been sharing our Leftover crafts with you and hopefully now is the time to show us what you are made of by linking-up in our end of the month Craft Challenge party. We'll be pinning our favourite projects to our Craft Challenge 2013 Pinterest board, so be sure to come back and check out if you were one of our favourite projects.
If you weren't able to link-up this time, then we'd be very grateful if you would vote for your favourite craft from the three of us. It's not a serious competition, but at the end of the year, there might be a forfeit for the 'loser'. Here's what we made, to help you out!
 A Yarn Ball Garland

Homemade Tag Stamps
So now it's time for the vote!
Now it's time for you to share your leftover crafts.

There are only a couple of rules:
1. Please link up crafts you have made in January 2013 and ones that were made from leftovers.
2. You can link-up as many as you want to, but please make sure you link back to our Craft Challenge somewhere in your post. A text link is fine.

The next theme starts on 1st February and it's time for us all to start re-purposing. If you want some inspiration check out my repurposed craft Pinterest board here. If you are new to the Craft Challenge, then please feel free to join in at any point throughout the year. Here's the monthly schedule:
Thank you so much for taking part! I cannot wait to share my re-purposing craft with you next week.

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Lieke said...

Hi Rosie, thanks for adding the link up! I already have an idea for the February and March challenge! Can't wait to get started! said...

Oh this is so cool! Is it too late to join up?

Natasha V said...

Owl FTW!

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

yours is my favorite because i love owls :)


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