Monday, January 21, 2013

Craft Challenge 2013: Last but NOT Leftover - Anja's Stamped Tags

I have done it, PJ has done it, and now it's up to Anja to share her leftover craft - you won't be disappointed. If you want to know more about the Craft Challenge 2013, check out the printable on Pinterest. Now over to the lovely Anja!
When Rosie told me about her awesome idea of doing a craft challenge together, I had just been decluttering my attic a bit (well, moving clutter from one place to another and in the process discovering lots of things that I had no idea I had been able to live without) and found some craft supplies that I had not touched since I was about twelve (yes, I have always been a crafty person, even back then when no one blogged about it). No kidding. So that officially makes them the oldest leftovers in the race for which I deserve pity extra credit.

What you'll need for stamping your own tags:
  • microcellular foam (found in your craft store)
  • old wood blocks (steal them from your husband's workshop like I did... ha ha)
  • old gift tags
  • ink pad
  • scissors (the smaller, the better)
  • black felt-tip
  • double-sided tape
  • punch pliers


1. Put your old gift tags onto the foam. Use them as a template and trace around them with your felt-tip. If you are a teensy bit crafty, you can also skip the template and create a tag on your own.

2. Cut them out. You want to have really straight lines, so be careful during that step.

3. Use your punch pliers to make a hole.

4. Cut off some double-sided tape and stick the foam tags onto the wood blocks.
I made the one on the left without a template because it was so easy. For the one on the right I used one of the tags as a template that my trusted punch produces. You can also see that different foams have different structures, so you'll get different stamping results. When I looked very closely I saw that I had at least four different kinds of foam, even if they all looked the same at first. Experiment a little!

5. And now to the fun part: the stamping! You can stamp envelopes, birthday cards, brown wrapping paper, the address field on a postcard...
Even if you only have a limited choice of stamping ink colors, you can create nice effects. If you stamp directly after covering the stamp with ink, the colors are more vivid. If you stamp again without re-inking, you get a pretty faded color. You kind of knew that I was the proud owner of pink stamping ink, right?
Use your felt-tip to draw the strings or to write something into your gift tags.
I hope you enjoyed this easy craft project, and if you did, I'd be happy if you would hop on offer to my blog and say hi!

I would strongly encourage you guys to click follow on each of the links above. Anja has the cutest crafts and is constantly amazing me with her original ideas. If nothing else, I've learnt something about staging my photos for my crafts. Seriously, she puts me to shame!
Next week on 28th January (my 2 year anniversary!), we are holding the monthly link-up. If you have a 'left over' craft, we'd love it if you would come and share it. Now's the time to start thinking about February's challenge - re-purposing. I already have my project ready to go....not I just need to stop blogging and get on with it!
Wondering what my anniversary has to do with anything? It doesn't really - I'm just excited.

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Love it!

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Ha ha, love your headline! Thanks again for coming up with this amazing idea, I love love love craft challenge! =)

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That's such a pretty idea! Thanks for sharing!

Bunny Girl said...

Newest follower from the Resolutions In Motion GFC Hop. Great DIY

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