Saturday, January 19, 2013

Basingstoke to Mannheim Fitness Challenge - MY motivation to go to the gym AND a free printable for you too!

One of the ONLY times I have regularly been motivated to go to the gym was when they ran a London to Paris Challenge. My Basingstoke to Mannheim Challenge is based on their idea and I sincerely hope that it encourages me to go regularly.
 The challenge is simple. You calculate the distance travelled at the gym or in your day-to-day life with the aim on completing the distance between two points. Mine is from Basingstoke to Mannheim as I live at point A and my boyfriend is definitely at point B. While I realise it won't physically get me there...well, he's a goal I definitely want to reach ALL of the time. I also aim to be really fit before the summer, which is when I fly over for my two months in Germany.  Do I think I can travel 895km in 6 months? Um actually, no I don't. But this handy printable I made will help me to keep track of my progress!
But I am curious to see how far I get. From doing little fitness, I doubt that I will be able to do the 40km a week I would need to meet my target. I think I nearly displaced my hips covering 10.5km in the gym on Thursday. Besides that, I also intend to keep up classes, which I can only guestimate the distance of!
So over land I can run, walk, x-train, cycle or dance my way to the boy, and over water I can swim or row. Luckily there's only 34km of Channel between me and France at the shortest point, which is good because that's quite a bit of swimming otherwise. The rest is over land. I might have to become more comfortable with cycling to reach this one AND walk at least 1 mile on rest days.
I decided to count a yoga, stretching class as exerting 100m of effort and an aerobic class (such as Zumba) at 500m. So, while I am credited for doing these, the emphasis is on gym activity which I need to fit in at least once a week.
It would be really easy for you to work out your own challenge.  Maybe you could go across state, country or between you and a family member, all you need to do is download the free printable and fill in the blanks. Mine, when printed, will be placed in a frame so I can use it as a dry wipe board. In the meantime, I can share my stats just with you.
Run, walk, cycle, x-train, dance: 11.1km completed
Swim, row: 0km completed.
Total: 11.1km (884km to go!)

Here's your freebie. Just click on the link of the file type you would like, rather than the image!
How do you motivate yourself to go out and do some exercise? If you could do this challenge, where would you go? Do you think my legs will work well enough to Zumba tomorrow morning? Whatever your response, I hope you definitely pop back on Tuesday for a Blog Hop with the Resolutions in Motion ladies.
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Natasha V said...

I definitely need to start working out again.

Cocalores said...

What a cool idea, I never would have thought of it! I'm going to join you the challenge and work out for the distance to my man.... who, thankfully, is living in the same house as I. Phew, sport avoided! ;-)

Ha ha. Okay, stupid comments disabled. I really love the idea, and I am such a sloth for not joining a gym. Luckily, my dog keeps me from getting a behind like a couch ;-)


Dara said...

great idea! I hope you get to your goal!

Wenhao Guo said...
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