Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Wednesday Rant about being a woman!

There are many benefits to being a woman, almost too many to mention in one blog post. A distinct disadvantage is our little monthly visitor. Now, this is not a topic I thought I would end up writing about here on Craftbotic, but it turns out that this week has been made infinitely worse by the delightful 'symptoms' of 'lady time'. Too much information? Um, sorry!
I am fully fed up with:
1. Being in my thirties and spottier than I was as a teenager;
2. That I am carrying enough water to qualify as a dromedary;
3. That I am angry at the world for no rational reason;
4. Having a four day headache;
5. That I can't wear my favourite dress tomorrow without looking, ironically, pregnant. (See point 2)
What is blowing your gasket this week? I'm linking up with Anja at Cocalores and thoroughly enjoying a midweek moan.
If you want a more cheery post, then don't forget to scroll down and find out about how we can help you keep your New Year's Resolutions and my entry into the first Craft Challenge of 2013.
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Cocalores said...

Bahahaha, Rosie the dromedary ;-) Okay, I figure that this isn't the time of month you want to be poked fun at. So I'm sticking with the following: There is a reason why there is often chocolate stocked near the feminine hygiene products. 'nuff said. Get some chocolate, some cookies or a big onine hug. (Rosie) I tried to, but hugging my keyboard isn't that easy.


ifs ands Butts said...

pahaha getting real and I love it! #2. I swear. That's me. All the time.

Megan said...

Try juicing! You'll be amazed at all the benefits. I watched a documentary called "Hungry for Change" on Netflix and was literally stunned. Since I've been subbing one meal for juice, I've retained much less water, my hair is shiny, my skin is glowing. It's awesome!

Natasha V said...

I think the bloating is the worst part of it all :(

Laura said...

I so agree with you - I was promised repeatedly in my teens I'd grow out of my spots. This has not happened. And I don't think I'm going to grow any more!

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