Friday, January 4, 2013

A glimpse of England over Christmas

It was our first Christmas as a couple in England this year. Finding places to go when it constantly rains and little is open can be challenging, but we found a couple of ways to get out and about, which normally involved driving around and being outside for minimal periods.
On Boxing Day we drove through the country to a village where Jane Austen used to live. On our first 'date' together, I took A to Winchester where I insisted he took a picture of her grave in the cathedral despite him having no idea who she was. He's lucky I didn't make him watch the BBC adaption of 'Pride and Prejudice', needless to say he was more 'aware' this time around. He loved the traditional style village!

On the 29th, we went and took a ride on an old steam train, which earned me major girlfriend brownie points. Couple this with the  meat pie we invested in on the way home and it was a super day for being a bloke.
I'm not about today, as it's time for goodbyes again until February. I seem to live in airports. I'll be back tomorrow though with some craft. Have you seen my craft challenge of 2013?
 It would make my day if you'd pin it, or even better pin-it so you can take part.
Happy Friday! 

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Helen said...

I'd love to go to Jane Austen's house! It looks like you had a good Christmas :) Soooo joining in on your craft challenge.

Breenah said...

Love your jacket! I'm also loving the idea of the year long crafting :D

ifs ands Butts said...

Great goals!

And my best friend would have totally nerded out over the Jane Austen house, great little tourist stop!

Natasha V said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time!

Megan said...

You have such cool goals. I went to England once, and it did rain a lot. But I had a good time. I found you through the Blog Hop! Exciting :) I'm a new follower of yours!

PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Oh my goodness, what is it with guys and steam trains? My husband just loves them!

Bethany Lee said...

You were able to visit where Jane Austen used to live?! Too cool!

Alyx said...

Sounds like a good way to spend christmas time!

regrowroots said...

Year long crafting is such a fun idea!! :) I love it and will share it for sure.

PS I found your blog on blartblog's blog hop!

Evelyn said...

Awesome pic's of an awesome vacation:) I would love to travel here!

I am not a big crafter, all my projects seem to fail, but I love to live vicariously thorough all you awesome crafters so I will pin your craft challenge and then maybe I will be inspired to join it occasionally:)

Ps Now following via GFC (already following Linky)

Hope to See you tomorrow at Let's Get Social Sunday!

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