Monday, April 30, 2012

Festival Fever: Outdoor Inspired Gift Tags

When I went to Germany recently, I got a little carried away in the craft shop and bought lots of items which I had no plans for.  Skip forward two weeks and I decided to do a simple set of gift tags to celebrate the arrival of Spring.  I'm not sure you really need a involved card, paper, glue, an embellishment, and ribbon.  If you want any more detailed instructions, email me here. I will happily help you out with them! I really like them...and I'm not even a 'pink' person!  What colours best represent Spring to you?

R xx

P.S. Check out my new joint bloggy bookclub with Katlyn @ The Dreamy Meadow AND my Festival Fever party is STILL going on.  Please link up and make me smile!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Photo Challenge with Laura @ Our Reflection and a Very Special Feature Photographer!

Today was really special.  My brother, who is a keen photographer in his spare time, had his first exhibited photograph through a local photographic society.  This is his photo (I couldn't produce anything this good on purpose or, actually by accident):
The Barracks

(The Barracks in Winchester)

If you want to see his other photography you can find his Flickr here.
This is MY entry into Laura's photo challenge this week. The theme is 'from a low-angle'. Next to my brother's photo, it looks a bit amateur. Ah well!

DSCF3097 with watermark

You should definitely join in; it's really fun. Link up here:

Our Reflection Photo Challenge

Hope your week starts well.

R xx

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Festival Fever Link Party

Yes, it's that time again when we can picnic, spend time outside, go camping, enjoy music festivals, carnivals and outdoor sports. It's time to glam up the outside living space and prepare for barbecues and lots of fun. Link up any projects that make the outdoors fun; these could be games, summer fashions, foods, whatever goes!

I am really pleased to have some awesome co-hosts this week.  Joining me are:
Brooke @ Covered in Grace (TWITTER/BLOG)
Mandi @ Debonair Bandit (TWITTER/BLOG)
Some rules:

1. Please follow your host and the guest co-hosts for the week.
(If you want to co-host let me know: 12craftsofcrimbo[@]gmail[dot]com)

2. Display the button somewhere on your blog!

3. I'd appreciate a Tweet Out or mention on your blog encouraging people to join in. The more the merrier!
4. Please only link up your projects: no pinterest items, shops or your own parties please.  If you want me to feature your shop or party - just drop me an email and I am sure we can sort something out.

So, let's get the Festival Fever season started.  I am really excited to see what you will be making!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Guest Post @ Raising Miss Mommy

I am very excited to be guest posting at Raising Miss Mommy for Amanda today - not only is her blog awesome, but she is a really friendly part of the blog community that I feel very blessed with being part of. 

I really hope you pop along and visit her and my first post on 'dating'. Let me know what you think!
R xx

Friday's Letters - A link up with Adventures of Newly Weds (5)


Dear Friday, you have crept up on my really quickly. I feel like I've been in a mental coma all week. Being back at school is really tiring. Dear colleagues, it's been a horrible start to the term, with one funeral and a death in the first week back.  It seems wrong to be as happy as I am to be back. I really hope that the term doesn't continue in the same way.  Dear rain, thank you for turning up and helping fight the current hose-pipe ban - you are cold and horrible, but I would hate everything to be brown and crispy before the end of May.  Dear people moaning about the rain because you think that 3 days of rain should clear up months of drought and you want to use your hose-pipe and take long baths (take deep breath), obviously a drought isn't solved by 3 days of rain and mild drizzle - stop showing your ignorance.  Dear England I wish you weren't in recession again, that I didn't come home to more stories of austerity, corruption and taxes.  Things are not looking that good right now and I am looking at our millionaire politicians wondering what qualifies them (apart from privilege) to run our country.  Lastly, dear beautiful boyfriend, I had an awesome break in Germany. Thank you so much. You survived your first PMS experience pretty well considering. It was good to see you on web cam; keep remembering to put it on!

P.S. I love you my new blog friends. Your support this week has been amazing. Whoop!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Photo Fun on Lauren's Tippie Canoe!


Hi folks,
Yup, me again - I am guest posting today for Lauren over at Tippie Canoe while she is (ignore very jealous voice) on holiday in Hawaii!  (Looks out at grey sky, rain and raging wind trying not to look bitter).  I am sharing a fun photo activity that you can do when visiting places abroad and want a fun challenge.  It works with families, friends, partners, kids, you name it!  Pop across to find your exclusive London photo challenge made by moi especially for Lauren's post.

You can also read about my latest personal challenge here; a fab guest post here by Laura from Our Reflection and find out how to link up to my Festival Fever link party here.

Lovely to see you - Happy Wednesday.

R xx

Some Other Crazy Goals - Running

You may, or may not have noticed the 'Crazy Goals' section of my blog where I put my ever expanding list of life targets, but I am going to write quickly about one today.

For a while I have wanted to start jogging. I have NEVER been really sporty. I played on a netball team as an adult for nearly three years and won the 'player of the year' prize for learning how to catch rather than step away from the ball.  SHOCKING!  I did manage once to get myself fit enough to be able to run for about 20 minutes without stopping.  However, this was with the help of my friend and meant we forced each other (sometimes with bribes of ice cream afterwards) to go out 3-4 times a week.  I quite liked that. Well, the ice cream and seeing my bestie part.  But I stopped when she pursued a career as a fitness instructor and started working in the evenings when we used to run.  I managed 3 independent runs and then always got distracted by books, cooking or a multitude of other 'excuses'.

So one of my goals was to be able to run 5km without stopping.  In honesty, I have done this. We have something called 'Park Run' in the UK, which is a weekly meet in a local park where everybody runs 5K. Volunteers time you and it's really friendly.  I actually met this goal in January. You can see from the image, how much I really enjoyed doing this!
parkrun 191 269
 Unfortunately, in January, someone very close to me was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and very luckily was rushed through surgery (only 10% of people get the benefit of this and it's the only way they might 'cure' you).  It's a horrible disease and requires major surgery, massive life changes, months of treatment and has no guarantees of success.  Most people don't even really realise they have it until it is too large to treat.  Like I said, the person was 'lucky' to have been at a stage to get the surgery.

In a fit of helplessness I signed up to run a charity 5km in London in June on behalf of the Pancreatic Cancer Society.  I have been raising money since then which has helped me reach and exceed my goal of raising £100 for charity too.

I'll be writing a post all about the run, with images and my final charity total for my friend Brooke who blogs at Covered in Grace.  We are having a blog swap on 16th May.  I hope you can visit her blog and find out how it all went - I'm really nervous.

R xxx

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Guest Post - Laura from Our Reflection

Anyone who has ever been on Laura's blog will know that she has a massive heart. She has been so welcoming to me since starting my blog, which can't be very easy considering how quickly her blog has expanded (Over 200 new followers in a matter of 3 weeks). If you want to join in and meet new bloggers, Laura's really is the place to go! She has a weekly Twitter hop and Photo Challenge which has introduced me to so many new people.  You can even volunteer to co-host the hop or judge the photo challenge!  Her heart doesn't just extend to new bloggers.  I hope you get the chance to read the following post and get a flavour for what Our Reflection is all about.  Happy reading!  Rosie xx

My name is Laura and I'm the one behind Our Reflection. I'm a full-time working mother of two beautiful daughters: Rachel who is 14 and Charlie who's 6. I've been married to Chaz for over 10 years and he's the most amazing encouraging man in the world. When I'm not at my 8-5 or being "mommy", I'm a lifestyle photographer based in Monterey, California. I have a weakness for Starbucks and love the color yellow.

For a few months now I feel God has put something in my heart to somehow giveback to the community, but I was never sure just what. I prayed about it a lot. A few weeks ago I was sitting in church reading the bulletin and something just jumped out to me. A Heart for the Hungry. Our church's food pantry was empty. The pantry that used to feed hundreds of families, now, there’s a sign on the door that says “Sorry, there are no food bags available at this time.”
That was it! That’s what my heart wanted to do. Fill those pantry shelves until they’re overflowing! Could I do this alone? No. I needed help. I had this idea of having a table set up in front of a local grocery stores collecting non-perishable food donations, a Food Drive. But I wanted to do more . My idea grew to wanting a table set up in front of every single grocery store in the area, all at the same time. Crazy? I thought so at first. Man, did I pray about it again and again. Slowly, things started to fall into place. Once I started looking for volunteers, they started pouring out of the wood work. Even random strangers that heard of the event asked if they could help out. We ended up with over 25 people helping this little BIG dream come to reality.

My vision came to life. This was my weekend.

{and this isn't everyone!}
We decorated the food donation barrels {10 of them which were donated with a value of $50 each!}, rented the U-Haul truck, gathered our amazing volunteers and headed out!

The day called for rain. We didn't get sprinkled on, it was an all out downpour. As soon as each table was set up, the sky's flood gates opened and I hadn't seen rain like that in ages. Everyone was soaked. But was that going to stop us? No way. We were determined! And it didn't stop people from giving. We had a few people even wheel out a cart full of groceries and just leave it next to our bins. The entire cart fulls were for the Food Drive! I didn't know what to say. Thank you just didn't seem like enough but was all I could say. It made me really emotional. People have such good hearts. The world has put such a dark cloud over humanity, but it's not true. Most people want to give out of the goodness of their hearts. They want to help others. And it showed this very day.

We ended the day with each of our barrels filled to the brim and food bags all around each table. The church's food pantry was so packed the door wouldn't close. This was all God's doing. It started as a thought God had placed on my heart, ended up feeding dozens {even hundreds maybe} of low-income families.

This was such a eye opening experience I just can't wait to do it again. I encourage each and everyone of you to find a way to give back to the community. There's so much out there that needs help and it takes so little to made a huge impact on someones life.

In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” Acts 20:35

Blog  | Facebook  |  Twitter 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Festival Fever Monthly Link Party 23rd April - 31st May

Yes, it's that time again when we can picnic, spend time outside, go camping, enjoy music festivals, carnivals and outdoor sports. It's time to glam up the outside living space and prepare for barbecues and lots of fun. Link up any projects that make the outdoors fun; these could be games, summer fashions, foods, whatever goes!

Some rules:

1. Please follow your host and the guest co-host for the week.
(If you want to co-host let me know: 12craftsofcrimbo[@]gmail[dot]com)

2. Display the button somewhere on your blog!

3. I'd appreciate a Tweet Out or mention on your blog encouraging people to join in. The more the merrier!
4. Please only link up your projects: no pinterest items, shops or your own parties please.  If you want me to feature your shop or party - just drop me an email and I am sure we can sort something out.

So, let's get the Festival Fever season started.  I am really excited to see what you will be making!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Wreath: A Guest Post @ Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

Kate (of Chic on a Shoestring Decorating fame) is currently on holiday and needed some blog-sitters. I was more than happy to offer some help - but having followed the various other writers who have posted so far, I have some pretty gigantic* feet to fill.  Even if you don't click on the link to see my wreath - you should click on the link to read their's (seriously).

So, to see my wreath tutorial click here.

I hope you'll take the time to visit!

R xxx

Friday's Letters - A link up with Adventures of Newly Weds (


Wow, I can't believe it's that time again, AGAIN. It means that tomorrow I have to leave Germany and my boyfriend for another 3.5 weeks - which scarily also means I am going to be officially over thirty in one month.


Dear time please slow down a bit. I feel like I'm always running out of you too quickly! Dear gorgeous boyfriend thank you so much for an awesome 3 weeks. It's been a bit stressful, what with you moving and all. You've done so well to choose everything and start to make it perfect for us.  You will beat the curtain rail - just remember that!  Dear school I am ready for you!  The last term starts on Monday.  Dear sewing Yay! I get to do you soon!  Just you wait sewing machine....I am going to be using you A LOT.  Dear English weather please stop raining; it's gorgeous in Germany at the moment - it would be great if you could avoid the stereotypical grey and cold you're known for!  Dear all Twitter and Blog buddies thank you for being more than just followers...thank you for becoming my online buds.  Hugs all around I think.

Happy Friday folks.

R xx

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

Squeak! I can't believe it! Jessica over at Vintage Mauve nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award and to say I am chuffed to bits is an understatement. I'm not a girl who makes high-pitched noises very often, but they keep escaping at the moment!  Thank you so much, Jessica! In one week, I managed a 3rd place spot in Laura's photo challenge over at Our Reflection (thank you Kate @ Creative Cookie who was the guest judge this week.) AND this award. More than that though, I have met lots of new girly bloggers and enjoyed reading their amazing writing.    I am so excited to pass the award on today. 

Firstly then...some information!
The rules of the award:
  • Thank the person who gave you the award.
  • Include a link to their blog.
  • Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Nominate those 15 for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  • Finally, share 7 things about yourself.
  • In the same post include this set of rules.
  • Inform each nominee with a comment on their blog.
I noticed from Jessica's nominations that we have a very similar taste in blogs!  She nominated some of the ones I would have picked - which is great, because I had lots more than 15 bloggers I could nominate and she already did some of them for me without even realising. (I'm not sure that makes my head it does!)

So my 15 nominees are:
 1.  Brooke @ Covered in Grace
2. Mandi @ Debonair Bandit
4. Danielle @ Framed Frosting
5. Bethany @ Pitter & Glink
7. Lauren @ Tippie Canoe
8. Annelise @ Aunie Sauce
9. Katie @ Little Becky Homecky
10. Meghan @ Struggling Cyster
11. Heather @ Keeping up with the Giffords
12. Heidi @ Row House 14
13. Amanda @ Raising Miss Mommy
14. Kimberley @ A Night Owl
15 Katlyn @ The Dreamy Meadow
Please, please, please go and visit them and show them lots of bloggy love - they have some awesome posts to read this week and you might even find a couple of awesome giveaways while you're there too!

So....7 'interesting' facts about me:

1. I like animals that look a bit 'awkward'.  I love ducks, flamingos, giraffes and penguins.  Domestically I am a cat, not a dog person.  I like other people's dogs though...I just wouldn't get one.

2. I hate being told I can't do something.  I believe that people have the ability to be successful (in some capacity) in everything they choose to do and work hard at.  I was told that I wouldn't cope with an English A-level once by my English teacher.  (That's like a high school level exam in the UK) - I am now an English teacher and got an A grade in the A-level I wouldn't 'cope' with.  I am obsessively ambitious when I have goals. It's people like my English teacher who remind me to encourage and support people with their goals rather than judge and block them.

3.  I love English breakfast tea.  I am addicted.  In England it's just called 'tea'...and the way I drink it with milk and two sugars is called a 'builder's tea'.

4. I also love guitar based the Foo Fighters, who I met when I was 21.  Love, love, love, love Dave Grohl.  I saw them when I was 16 and still love them (cough) 14 years later. 

5.  I am scared of jellyfish, crabs and seaweed.  Going to the beach with me is heaps fun!

6.  I am really happy in my own company.  I like spending time by myself and find peace in making things, reading and napping.  I used to be really dependent on friends and family, but living in Italy and travelling to Australia helped massively with me finding the confidence and space to be myself.

7.  I don't eat: onion, mushrooms, sweetcorn, rice or eggs (unless in cakes). I keep trying; it doesn't work: yucky disgusting things.

So,  thank you again to Jessica for nominating me.  I hope that you will take the time to visit my nominations.  They are really are great ladies.

Any more questions - just drop me an email or tweet me.

R xxx

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Festival Fever Warm Up: Feather Earrings


I just had to get that out probably explains why I have been wondering about making my own for a while.  I wanted something really bright and colour clashing...something that wouldn't be out of place in a festival, or concert, or on a date or something.

Summer 2012

In the Summer I am going to a Spanish music festival; and I think I can safely say....I'll be rocking these bad boys!

So how did I make them?

I used: some coloured twine, a set of drop earrings, 4 beads, 4 feathers, some metal clasps (don't know the fancy name) and some pliers (and possibly a little bit of boyfriend muscle!)


1. I attached the grips to the top of the feathers using the pliers.
2. I used about 15cm of twine per earring. This was too much, but allowed me to make mistakes.
I looped the twine around the drop earring hoop. This is good as you can adjust the lengths as you like them.
3. I then put a bead on the twine, before looping it through the feather clasp.

4. I threaded the twine back through the bead before tying two knots to keep it in place.

Final: I then fiddled around with the lengths to see what I liked, before repeating all of the steps to have a pair of earrings.

Cheap, easy and fun.  (Just make sure your grips fit your feathers...I had to do some trimming which was too much of a fuss really!)

R xx

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Photo Challenge with Our Reflection

Our Reflection Photo Challenge

I am a bit late with my entry this week, but I have an boyfriend is moving and we've been packing/unpacking/shopping.  The competition is tough already. I love this picture.  If the shadows weren't there the colour would mean nothing.  You can't beat a Darwin, Australia sunset!

Only one from me this week folks.

Join in! It's fun!

R xx

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday's Letters: A link up with Adventures of Newlyweds (Instalment 3)


Dear running, I know you make me fitter, but I don't enjoy you; my thighs today dislike you beyond measure. Dear feet, please warm up.  You are NEVER warm and I would like you to be.  Dear me, stop sitting on your legs; it's not normal to have pins & needles 3 or 4 times a day and I think you might be messing with the circulation in your feet.  Dear Chocospoon, thank you for having a branch in Heidelberg - I needed that Ameretto Macaroon Hot Chocolate, like you'd never know.  Dear productivity, if you could turn up soon that would be awesome.   Dear new blog friends, thank you for coming along and saying hello. I love meeting you.  Thank you boyfriend and family, for showing me a classic German Easter. I loved the bunny hunt, the walk in the country and the yummy roulade dinner. Lecker!

Until next week peeps! R xx

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Game of Tag with 4 You With Love

I was tagged! I find this wholly's one of those pass around games that someday you hope you might be invited to, but can't just write your own post...ya know?

Marylin for '4 You With Love' always inspires me with the recipes she posts. She is the homemade dairy queen and has some amazing tutorials for how to reupholster chairs, which when I need to reupholster something will be reread eagerly. 
If you haven't seen how "tag" works in blogland, here's how it works:

1. You must post the rules!
2. Answer the 11 questions the tagger posted for you and then create 11 new questions to ask the people you've tagged.
3. Tag 11 bloggers and link them to your post.
4. Let them know you've tagged them.
These are the 11 AMAZING blogs I have tagged:
2. Lauren @ Tippie Canoe
3. Danielle @ Framed Frosting
4. Jenny @ Heavenly Blossoms
5. Bronwyn @ NewlyWed Journey
7. Brooke @ Covered in Grace
8. Ashlie @ Golden & Lovely
10. Hannah @ Grounded Parenting
11. Jennifer @ Finding My Way in Texas
These are my 11 questions to them:
1. What is the best thing about where you live?
2. Which of your personality features can we see in your blog?
3. What is your favourite item of clothing right now?
4.  Who influences your writing?
5. How do your family, partners, children react to your blogging?
6. What has been your favourite blogging experience to date?
7. Where in the world would you most like to visit?
8. How many hours do you spend online each day?
9. What is your biggest dream?
10. Cats or dogs?
11. Tea or Coffee?
Here are Marilyn's questions and my answers:

Are you sitting comfortably?

1. What blog inspires you most?
That's quite a difficult question, as there are so many people out there that inspire me.  I really feel inspired by the positive blogging messages from Nichelle @ Vintage Wannabee, Alex from Everyday is a New Adventure  and Laura @ Our Reflection.  They really love to involve people in their blogs which helps newer blogs, like mine, get out there.  I read them everyday!

2. When did you start blogging?
I started blogging back in 2010, if you count two posts as blogging!  I restarted in September 2011 with a Christmas blog, decided I wanted one for the whole year around, so launched Craftbotic in March 2012
3. How many blogs do you have?
I have 2.  This one, and I kept Twelve Crafts of Christmas for later on in the year!
4. Do you have a schedule for your blog or do you post randomly?
I do a bit of both. I am a bit obsessed with the blog at the moment, as I am on school break and therefore have the time to do more guest posts etc.  If I can finish one today I will be very happy!
5. What is your go-to easy meal when you don't have time to cook?
I love a bit of cheese on toast! I don't have a family of my own so it's OK for me to cop out with this choice!  My second would be a frozen pizza.  Yum.
6. Does your blog have sponsors and if so, how did you acquire them?
I have swapped buttons with a couple of people, but I don't take paid sponsors at the moment.  I don't have a lot of blog space, so I can only do 3 swaps a month too!
7. What is your favorite way to have people follow your blog?
I'm not too fussy! I really like to check my GFC, Linky Tools and Twitter.  I just like to know someone is reading.
8. What is your next big decorating/remodeling project?
I don't know that I have any.  I am going to paint some new signs with favourite sayings for my boyfriend's new flat.  Does that count?
9. What is your favorite color combos? (grey/yellow, black/white, etc)
Now this is a tough one.  I usually like grey/green or grey/blue, but at the moment I am loving the clash of yellow and purple!
10. Do you use a PC or Mac?
I use a a mini PC. It's cute, and red, and sometimes a bit slow, but reliable.
11. What is your dream car?
I would quite like a VW Beetle. My 'dream' car would be made of marshmallows!

So there you have it, a little about me! Is there anything else you want to know?

Rosie xx

Monday, April 9, 2012

Giveaway! Thank you 51 GFC and 12 Linky Followers.

I launched a new tutorial yesterday showing you how to make THESE woven bracelets.  Don't fancy going to get the materials to make your own?  Then win them here in my first, small, but perfectly formed giveaway. It will run from Monday EST for 7 days.  How exciting!

You will win 3 x 5m rolls of cotton cord in gorgeous Spring colours (shown in the image); some pearl 'style' beads and wooden pastel beads (examples in photo - you will receive one unopened packet of each kind) and 2 clasps with clamps (clasp shown in the image.) I will post internationally too.

The only thing you HAVE to do is follow my blog via GFC - all the other entries are completely optional.  I can't wait to announce the winner next week!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My April favourites! Monthly Link Party

I held my first monthly link party to celebrate the launch of my blog.  I am so grateful for those of you who linked up.  I really loved all of the ideas you shared!

These are my two featured posts.  I love them...and so did my readers.

Please remember to grab a button!


This beautiful fabric bouquet from Fleur d'Elise; these are my current favourite colours!

Irina, from Sew and the City, made these gorgeous scrap fabric pinwheels.

I hope you can visit them and show them some comment love.

The new series for May will be 'Festival Fever': as we get ready for the outdoor season of picnics, camping, games, barbecues, music festivals and holidays, there is no reason why we can't do it in style.  I hope you can join me with your outdoor ideas and make this Spring/Summer season super stylish!

The new party will go live on 23rd April.  My aim is to get 50 link-ups (excluding my own...embarrassed face) by June 1st.  I hope you can help me.

Big Squeeze!
Rosie x

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Festival Fever - The Warm Up: Woven Bracelets

Have you been in the jewellery section of any shop recently?  The tribal fashion trend is everywhere and the amount of rustic bracelets is quite amazing.  These guys (below) are in Top Shop, priced at £8.50 (I think that would be about $13). 

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter folks.  I hope you have a lovely weekend with your friends and family.  Thank you to everyone who has followed along on Twitter, GFC, Linky Tools or bloglovin'. It has made my first month with the blog so rewarding.

Take care,  Rosie x

Friday, April 6, 2012

Photo Challenge with Laura @ Our Reflection (Take 2)

Our Reflection Photo Challenge

I am excited to be taking part in this week's photo challenge again, especially as Lena (@ Mum 2 Memphis and Rudy) set a particularly difficult topic: "faceless portraits".  I went straight out with my camera to see what I could snap.  Unfortunately, things did not go to plan, so instead I drank hot chocolate and thought carefully about the photos I might already have taken that might apply to this category.  In the end, I decided to go with this lil' guy.

Can't you just see how determined he is to get into the fountain?

This was the selection of photos I was choosing from (click read more):

Friday's Letters a Link-Up with Adventures of Newlyweds (Part 3)


I can't believe how many new blog friends I have made through doing this! It really is great fun to join in.

Dear self you do really need to detach yourself from the computer a bit more.  I know you LOVE blogging and finding new blogs, but it is starting to take over a bit. Dear blogland...thank you for being so inspiring and interesting to read. I love all of the opportunities there are to interact and get to know people I otherwise would never meet. Dear Meet & Tweeters you rocked my Thursday,  Dear sun you are doing very well at shining and making it warmer. Please keep going. Dear Luisenpark you are full of gorgeous animals, flowers and snacks.  I love you....seriously...Dear lovely boyfriend you have gone beyond the barriers of awesomeness by choosing your new flat, so that it is one block from the craft shop and next to the central library. Summer will be really fun! Also, your understanding over my increasingly random craft purchases is amazing. I can't wait until we see Turandot on Sunday!

My first week off has been awesome. I hope you folks have a lovely Easter.

Rosie x

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Meet & Tweet with Laura @ Our Reflection

I was really excited to join in the Meet & Tweet last week and am really excited to be a co-host this week. 

Follow your host:

This week's co-hosts are:
Rosie @ Craftbotic
Evanne @ Simply Fabulous
Lauren @ Tippee Canoe 

***Want to be a future co-host? Email Laura at***

The Rules

1. Follow your hosts
{They are the first 7 in the linky and they WILL return the favor.}

2. Follow at least 3 new people via Twitter
{Or more! Introduce yourself... Its a great way to make new friends!}

3. Spread the word!
{The more the merrier! Grab a button and add it to your blog, 
Tweet or Facebook about the link up.}

Our Reflection
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Our Reflection"><img src="" alt="Our Reflection" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

One lucky link up person will WIN a FREE a solo guest post on Our Reflection blog during the month of April!

Drum roll please....
Last weeks Meet & Tweet winner is Ashley from Mommy...A work in Progress.

Please link up your Twitter account below 
{not your blog}

I can't wait!

Rosie x

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meat Free Monday - Combatting Wurst Overload

 On my first ever visit to Germany, my boyfriend informed me that the Germans 'love sausage'.  Read into that what you will, but he might well be right!  When you visit a supermarket the sausage section is nearly as large as the cheese aisle and at LEAST as large as the rest of the meat section. There are bratwurst vendors EVERYWHERE, not to mention that most German dishes are extremely meat based.  Over the summer, we had a barbecue and I made some vegetable skewers.  His neighbours are still teasing him over it.  A kebab? With no Meat? I didn't realise it would be so scandalous! Over Christmas, I ate so much meat I developed my own sausage shelf (like a meaty muffin top), which took AGES to get rid of (read: I am still getting rid of it).

So since then, whenever in Germany, we need to have a regular break from meat.  My boy, being the gorgeous, supportive man he is, agreed to a Meat Free Monday, which I read about in blog land.  So this Monday, I found a recipe for a Tomato, Spinach and Chickpea Curry.  It was really delicious. Did I take photos? Nope.  But if you visit can have the recipe and a professional picture.  I know: the epitome of blog laziness.  It's worth the visit though.  Please forgive me....I made a button!

Do you have any tasty recipe links I could try out? Please be aware - I cannot abide: mushrooms, rice, egg or onion.  Not that I am fussy or anything. 

Rosie x


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