Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Resolutions in Motion: The final round-up

I hope you are all starting to enjoy the build-up to Christmas; I know that I have been busy cleaning, organising, decorating and catching-up with friends. My lovely buddy from Australia has come to stay with her boyfriend and we have been busy making merry. Dinner was prepared yesterday to the dulcet tones of Christmas Carols with the lights, candles and glitter twinkling to the max.
So that explains my absence from the blogosphere over the case you missed me! I have enjoyed reading the Blog Angels link-up posts and hope to come back and comment on them all soon. There are about 34 people missing from it, so if you have written your half-way post and forgotten to link up - drop me a mail with the link and I will add you on.
 For now, I want to review how my resolutions went for the interesting project Resolutions in Motion, which is basically a scheme where you set yourself a goal and through the power of promising to link up actually feel obliged to fulfill them! I updated you guys on my progress with starting a Facebook page, getting 100 likes and making a button for my blog here.
In short, thanks to my fabulous readers and blog friends I achieved these three goals really quickly - my Facebook header tutorial was actually used by people and I felt exceptionally happy.  I still do! Who doesn't like being useful to someone?
So I decided to extend my goals and make a Facebook group for Blog Angels, so the Angels could chat strategy. This has gone really well, except the group has been more successful than the half-way link-up! I also hoped to visit the blogs of those who 'liked' my page more often.
This is an ongoing task for me, as I was consumed by work, craft fairs and Christmas preparation when I had hoped to be winding down a bit more. When I did log-on I followed lots of links on my Facebook feed - it was really handy to have liked everyone back so this was lots easier.
I am pondering what my next Resolutions in Motion, resolution will be. I am certainly going to take part again. It's a fantastic way to achieve my aims - and actually reminds me that when you set your mind to something, anything is possible.
Merry Christmas folks! I will be back more this week as I craft up a storm.
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Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

Rosie, you have done such a great job at making your goals happen!! You're definitely an inspiration girl!! Xxo

Megan10e said...

You rocked your goal- way to go!

Alyx said...

Dude. Rosie. Your blog angels project has been awesome. You've been doing some pretty amazing things with the blog this year! can't wait to see what next year brings!

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