Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas and Blog Angel Reveal

It's probably the day where I should be reviewing the year, considering my goals for 2013 and highlighting my top posts of 2012. That might be the case if I were an organised blogger - but I'm not! So instead, we're rounding up Christmas, talking decorations and rounding up December's Blog Angels. You will probably hear all about my 2013 dreams at some point in January...maybe when I face up to the fact another year has whizzed by.

Christmas was lovely this year, discounting the fierce UNO championships held over hours at my parent's place. I spent a lot of time emptying, filing, and cleaning before going to get my tree. I bought a 'living' one to try and prolong the poor pine's life. It might look tiny, but I needed a 'man from the shop' to help me lift it to my car. This should have been a clue that I might struggle to haul it into my building, into a lift and through to my living-room. Needless to say, it was difficult. Then I didn't have anything to put it in, or lights that functioned. A few trips to the supermarket later and I was able to position my spruce on a pedestal, wind on the lights and collapse into bed. 
I love handmade decorations and made a lot last year when visiting Germany. Obviously, I left them all there so had to half decorate my tree until my boyfriend bought the rest of them over. I want to hand make one set of decorations each year so that when I have my first 6 foot tree I can actually decorate the whole thing. This year I made cookie-cutter ornaments using white, air-drying clay. It was so simple and I love them. I might have considered the weight ration before poking a hole through, had I worked out how you might do that. A bit of string twisting meant I could have these cute little reindeer jumping around my branches. 
I also made some crackers, part kit and my own decoration which helped to beautify the presents around the base. The gorgeous pink and blue parcel below came from Anja at Cocalores and seriously put my dodgy curled ribbon to shame. I handmade most of the cracker presents using various bits from my craft box, giving myself one of the many pencil-cases I have left over from the craft fair. Top tip: purchase your cracker kit in the craft store sale and stash them until next year. Let's face it you shouldn't need more than a couple of bucks to buy some cardboard and cracker snaps.
 The week before Christmas was for all intents and purposes, excellent. My close Aussie buddy Bex came to visit with her brand new boyf and we were able to cook together, drink mulled wine and catch-up. We're both a bit pants at keeping in contact from across the world, so it was pretty awesome holding her captive having her stay.

Another friend, Anna has started her journey into blogging and it would be great if you could go and say hello. She started her blog as a way of catching happiness, having been left by her fiance earlier in the year. Bravely, she is charting a smile a day, starting from the day she was meant to get married all the way through to next year when I have no doubt her life has changed. Find her at Smile Me Happy.

So with that, it's time to review Blog Angels in December. I was initially disappointed that the mid-way link-up wasn't as 'populated' as it could have been. I am over it now. So Blog Angels please link-up your 'reveal' posts and make sure you contact your blogger and let them know you've been helping them out. 

Please don't link up if you want to be a February Angel - you can sign up from 15th January to do that! Want to know more about Blog Angels? Visit here! Once again the procedure for Blog Angels will be changing this round, so save the date and come back and visit to find out more later on.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and welcoming me into the community in 2012. If we have every collaborated, it's been a pleasure getting to know you. Happy New Year!
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Natasha V said...

So cute! I need to try some of these next year!

Dara said...

happy 2013 to you!

thethinkingcloset said...

Rosie, thank you again for coordinating the blog angels. I'm so thrilled that I got to be a part of it. It really blessed me more than you know! And I hope you're not too discouraged by the smaller link-up at the halfway point. I'm guessing that with the holidays, people got busy. But I think it was still worthwhile for those of us who powered through, and I hope to be a blog angel again one of these rounds! Cheers. -Lauren from The Thinking Closet

Cocalores said...

Love your little reindeer! And that pink parcel really has no business in all that red, white, and silver wonderland - I wonder who was stupid enough to use pink? (ha ha...)

Yep, that first Christmas tree was like that with us, too - lots of trips to the home improvement store late at night!

Blog Angels still rocks - I bet there will be many signing up in February, when things at home are a bit quieter than around Christmas! =)


Stone Cottage Adventures said...

I love Blog Angels! Thank you for the reminder to help wherever we can! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Advnetures

Salena Lee said...

Lovely pictures Rosie! Thank you so much for hosting blog angels and for allowing me to still keep my wings. :) Can't wait till next round. xo

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