Sunday, December 2, 2012

30 Minute Mummy Gift - A semi-precious stone necklace (and an update on what I've been up to!)

For me, the 1st of December means a Christmas tree, decorations, present wrapping and my own body-weight in hot chocolate. Last night, you would have normally seen me supping some mulled wine, Christmas tunes cranked to the max and dancing around while adorning my tree with a variety of mismatched baubles.
It's the 2nd today and my flat is almost Christmasless. I managed to finish my boyfriend's stocking yesterday and took out two Christmas candle holders, but apart from that I am having to hang fire. I have important company this year and can't afford for my tree to get naked before they get here. So I'm two weeks away from decking my halls and already feeling the strain: seriously.
I love Christmas so much, I am pretty sure it's the only thing (bar marking and reports) that I have managed to speak to people about.for a while. I'm contenting myself with the lie that I'm clearing out so when it comes to Christmas decoration, my place is spotless. So far, the con is working. I should finish clearing out my kitchen cupboards tomorrow. I appear to have more pens and pills in my cutlery drawer than actual knives and forks. After four years it's time for a change!
So, a while back I promised you guys a tutorial for the necklace I made for a Christmas gift. Somehow I've managed to squeeze in editing the pics. So here goes - a top, easy present to make in 30 minutes in front of the T.V!
You will need:
 - a selection of beads. I used stone and freshwater pearls to give it that classic, natural feel.
 - some beading 'wire' which is actually nylon and comes in a range of colours. I went for pink in order to make it pop. You will want at least 2 metres (just to be safe on sizing)
 - medium sized crimping beads (ask if you're not sure)
 - a crimping tool (mine was a budget one from Hobby Craft)
 - a magnetic clasp.
1. Measure out your nylon by twisting it around your neck. When you have a length that suits you (and the person it is for) then double the amount. Fold the nylon in half. Place the magnetic clasp in the centre, at the fold.
2. With both loose ends of the nylon together, thread on one crimp bead. Place it close to the magnetic clasp.
3. Place the crimping tool on the bead so that the ridge is in the centre of the bead.
4. Press securely.
5. Repeat this step, by placing a crimp bead about an inch from the magnetic clasp.
6. Thread on the first bead placing both loose ends together and passing it through the bead. Using smaller beads, place on on each strand, spacing them appropriately.
7. Twist the two strands together slightly before adding the next bead. You will have completed your first pattern of beads. When you have nearly filled your string (leaving about 2 inches), place a crimp bead after the last bead and squeeze.
8. Thread another crimp bead onto the nylon strand, but do not squeeze it yet. First, place the second magnetic clasp on, threading both strands through the clasp. Double both threads back to create a loop, and guide them through the crimp bead. When you have pulled the loop securely, press the crimp bead near the clasp and then trim the remaining nylon as required.
It's as simple as that! I am linking this tutorial to the Christmas gift link-up I'm co-hosting with Anja @ Cocalores. If you are in any way crafty and have a tutorial going live in December, please book mark to add it on. We will be so excited to see your crafts there. Just make it so we have enough time to try some of it out!
There will be lots more Christmas ideas from me over the coming month. Did I mention that I love it?
Are you making any of your presents this year? Do you prefer homemade presents or secretly dread them? I'm not even sure what I want for Christmas this year. I guess, more than anything, I'd like a peaceful, relaxing time off. Let's see if I can meet the crazy goal of stopping sometime soon!
If miracles can't happen at Christmas, when can they?
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Cocalores said...

Any project on Craftbotic including pink automatically gets two enthousiastic thumbs up! ;-) Ha ha, can't tell you enough how cute that is!
And as for Christmas decorations: Don't let all that holiday madness on the web get to you - with real trees, you can't start any earlier, or you will only have little heaps of pine needles to decorate. So, say it with me: We'll decorate when we have got more time! =)

Alyx said...

This is a fun idea for a gift! I don't know that I will get the cchance to get to a craft store before Christmas, though! Aghhhh so much going on!!

Lieke said...

Really love the necklace! But I have too many project to do before Christmas so I think I have to skip this one :(

Jillian @ Hi! It's Jilly said...

You explained it so well! I've always been a little intimidated by jewelry making, esp when you throw in tools & crimping beads. Ha! You make it sound so easy!

Hi! It's Jilly


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