Monday, November 26, 2012

Why I believe the SMALLEST actions make the BIGGEST difference: valuing yourself in the Blogging Community

I'm alive! (If you're reading for the topic of this post, skip to the next paragraph!)
Now that we're over that revelation, I am very pleased to be back, relaxing in the evening, tapping out the thoughts in my head without stressing about packing up goods, pricing, examinations, food shopping, exploding washing machines and the like. Thanks to my lovelies who have emailed or messaged me to enquire about the Craft Fair. I'll do a big update on that later in the week. Needless to say, yesterday evening, I was pooped.
Today, however, I am not. I am here instead to chat a bit about how people value themselves in this ol' blog community. I noticed that The Ultimate Blog Angel's sign-up has seen a decline in entries in December (so far....there's still time folks and the form link is just below my signature). I think I might know the reasons why.
The most obvious is likely to be Christmas. People genuinely lose time to blog over the festive season and possibly would rather be Angels to their real-life loved ones. Fair enough.
The second is, and I have comments, emails, chats to support this one:
People, possibly even you, don't think you have a big enough blog to be able to really help someone else out.
Well, I can understand that feeling. Only 9 months ago I was on about 5 followers, knew very few people in blog land. All of the people I followed seemed to have 10 billion (well like 200+) followers and seemed to be: out of my league, together, popular, attractively decorated and just out and out fabulous.
All the while, I felt desperate to grow my blog, write really interesting content and make my dream of one day of having my own little internet community come true.
Now before you get worried, I am not about to preach about how successful I am, how I've achieved my dreams and everything is perfect. I would be a humongous liar if I did that. Instead I wanted to illustrate how you CAN make a difference to another person be their blog new, tiny, well-read or globally successful. You never know, you might even be able to take this concept of the 'small gesture'  into the real world. Now that would just be awesome.
Behold! I had time to use Picmonkey! Please feel free to PIN for inspiration.
See, you don't need money, design skills, many readers or a 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' to make someone else feel good about their blog or their writing. You don't have to buy friends or be an expert to switch on your virtual smile and brighten one person's day. That's what Blog Angels is all about. It's about selfless cheeriness and a hand reaching out in friendship.
Can you do that? Then please sign up for The Ultimate Blog Angels in December. The list closes on Friday and the form is STILL under my signature. You need to find a blog to 'help' or maybe even 'befriend' before you fill it in. Check out your friends list, a link-up you like to take part in, or even choose someone you have just started to follow. 
What other little things brighten up your blogging days?

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PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

True followers, not just the ones that clicked the button ones and then never interact again... is there anything better?

Deborah Owen said...

Oh wow, Rosie...I have felt the same way....and still do most of the time..I somehow feel that I don't add up...that my crafts aren't that special...that everyone can tell I'm on a very small budget....but, I have met some amazing people....okay..let me dry my eyes...Bless you for making me feel that I matter.

Megan said...

Those tips are great! I have definitely felt like certain bloggers were "too big" for me, but then I remember...they're a regular person just like you!

Emily said...

This is a great post for anyone just getting into the blogging community (IE...ME!)! It's very encouraging, too! Thanks for this post!

Madison said...

This is such a great post. And one I really needed to see right now. Sometimes as a new blogger, it all is just so overwhelming and really gets me down. I do know that I have met some really awesome people in these few months since I've been blogging. So for that fact alone, it's totally worth it. These tips are great, so thank you for sharing :)

Don't think I can commit to doing the Blog Angels right now though. Maybe in the future!!

Laura Ryder said...

Love this post!! I am new to blogging (7 months) and am working so hard to gain followers. I love your blog and it was a great to read this from you. :)


Alyna Higgs-James said...

This post is awesome it really resonates with me, thanks for sharing :)

Ellen said...

Love this! I can so relate!

Alyx said...

These are great tips, Rosie!

RadiantKristen said...

I love your thoughts on the ways that we as a blogging community can better connect and support each other! I am constantly surprised at how many small, amazing blogs there are out there that I had never heard of, and they all deserve so much love!

Lieke said...

So true! Really like this post! And you do make it sound easy... even better it is inspiring!!!

ifs ands Butts said...

Fabulous advice Rosie! I would send this to anyone who is discouraged

Veronica Lee Burns said...

I loved this! It was so encouraging! :)

Cocalores said...

Great post - and above all, good to have you back! I hope that more people will take the opportunity to still sign up - it really doesn't take that much effort to help someone out! =) Will send you a proper e-mail tomorrow, when I have more time on my hands! xo

Jillian @ Hi! It's Jilly said...

I've really been feeling that lately! I've been so busy that I have majorly neglected my blog, and have been feeling a bit lost in this big 'ole blogosphere. Thanks for your post!


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