Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday Rant: Why I'm Feeling Blue.

It has been a LONG week ladies and if it wasn't for the positive things going on here on Craftbotic, I would probably be buried under my quilt. I'm currently staring at my thermostat while feeling the 'chill' in my flat, yet am trying to resist reaching over and turning on the heating. There is an internal debate going on to determine whether I would rather use heating or walk to get a warmer jumper/blanket, both involve too much movement.
How lazy am I? Well, let's start ranting! The cold is certainly creating the right atmosphere for it.
1. The 'comment' book in my flat lobby is starting to resemble a Gordan Ramsey cooking show. It's not littered with recipes, but the F Bomb. For that matter the C bomb and pictures of juvenile drawings of genitals (not commonly seen even near the expletive loving chef). This would probably be expected in an apartment block where adolescent boys resided. There aren't any. Since when did it become acceptable to express your dissatisfaction with someone's opinions in such a bizarre way? Let's just hope I don't get stuck in the lift with any of these people or for that matter the one who wrote LOL on the emergency fire notice. Seriously.
2.  I had to venture out early yesterday for the first morning of scraping ice off my car. England is famous for RAIN. Do you hear me weather? I would exchange that for ice any day.
3. I have caught myself using the following phases in the last couple of weeks:
  • In my day...
  • When I was young....
  • It used to be so much easier when...
  • They just don't appreciate what they have....
Yup, I am now officially a sanctimonious adult. Rats.
4. I bought bacon and ketchup for a cheeky cheer-me-up bacon sarnie this morning. Main issue: no bread. So that was no breakfast this morning then.
5. Reports, exams, reports, exams, reports, exams.....
I'm linking my rant up each week with Anja at Cocalores - want to join in the fun and air your laundry? Then click here.
What I am NOT ranting about though is all of the activity happening on the blogoroo this week. My featured giveaway is the BLUE PRIZE PACK, which is open to anyone in the USA.
Please enter and support the amazing bloggers who have provided some top prizes. You can find the other 35 prizes HERE. I would love to get 1000 entries in each one. We are getting there people!

I'll be back on Friday with my one off Facebook Follow Fest, a hop with friendly hosts who follow back. Let's network and spend some time 'liking each other.

And then last, but not least, Blog Angels sign up goes live on Saturday. Check out the Blog Angels link in my sidebar for more info on the Special December Edition - Ultimate Blog Angels.
Thanks for being such awesome readers and hanging out with me this week. 
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PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

The cold is making me crabby too! Our apartment is expensive to heat and In stingy so many blankets and sweaters get me through the cold months. Im turning into scrooge. Im excited for blog angels. Ive finally picked my blog!

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Colder weather certainly takes some adjusting! It makes we want to eat LOTS of sugary things! I'm still trying to choose a blog to "Angel" for December. 'So wonderful to just be sweet to someone! Thanks so much for Blog Angels. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Cocalores said...

Well, that really sounds like an aweful week.
#1 I think you need to start to battle those crappy people graffiti of cupcakes, unicorns and rainbows. Ha! Take that!

#3 Embrace it - you could become the crazy cat lady (and she is famous for a reason) or Mr Heckles of Friends! ;-)

#4 That wouldn't have stopped any man! ;-)

Hope the rest of your week goes by more smoothly! =) xo

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