Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday Rant: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous.

Yesterday, you got the sublime part of my weekend and now you can have the ridiculous. I am full on stressed out.
For new readers, you should probably know that I am a teacher, and while I LOVE my job, reports, mock examination, and mid-term exhaustion brings about a pressure that tends to overrule anything I would normally do in my spare time. You should also know that I signed up to do a craft fair to raise money for charity and through some unfathomable reasoning, I decided to do a craft fair at the same time as reports, mock examinations, and the mid-term exhaustion. If you read yesterday, you'll know that I combined this pressurized time with taking a weekend off to spend with my boyfriend.
Yep, I once claimed to be intelligent - not right now. Now I am learning to juggle, but as of today I feel like I am being covered in a load of brightly coloured balls.
I am not going to rant about having work today, or the silly decision I made to hold a stall at a craft fair at the same time. I work quite well under pressure and know that the stress will help it go faster and probably better. I just wanted to give you some context for how my weekend went a teensy bit wrong.
1. I tried to make some button earrings (a nice quick craft job) - the glue didn't set off. (Minor incident resolved by comforting words and tea).
2. I got lost going to The Killers concert and added 35 miles to the journey and an additional £8 to the petrol bill. (Medium incident resolved by moderate sulking and a burger).
3. I tried to make some fabric key rings - the machine wouldn't sew through the material and the thread didn't match. (Minor incident resolved by throwing key-ring at the wall, and a roast dinner at my parents.)
4. I tried to make some fabric rosettes and succeeded...HOORAY...but burnt most of my fingers in the process. (Minor incident solved by tea and the moderate success of rosette completion).
5. My washing machine clunked, stopped, smelled like burning and refused to drain. Despite having a warranty, I quickly discovered this is useless if the warranty people are incompetents, crooks and outright liars! (Major problem, initially calmed with chocolate, solved with an unladylike telephone conversation and an amazing boyfriend who has the patience to manually drain 30 litres of water from an inactive, locked machine).
The good news? Well, the craft fair is this weekend and every day that whizzes by brings me closer to Christmas, the visit of faraway friends, the return of the man for our first English celebration and plenty of excuses to stay in, drink hot chocolate and watch Home Alone.
I might not post again until Friday, and then again on wish me luck, cross your fingers and toes I meet my deadlines, make some money and don't go completely grey in the process.
What's pushing your buttons this week? Join the link up at Cocalores and enjoy the benefits of a group moan! 

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PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Oh lawd! Nothing was going right for you and your poor burned fingers. More tea. Tea fixes anything .. or that throwing things at wall option. I like that one too.

Cocalores said...

I knew it, this post was great! I love how you added the solution to the problem - chocolate and moderate sulking and throwing things at the wall solve most of my problems, too ;-)

London is an evil place to drive a car, so getting lost is the normal thing to happen!


Lieke said...

Haha! Pfff you are so busy! I can't wait to read your post in the fair! I am sure it will be awesome and that everybody will love your crafts!

Alyx said...

Oh, Rosie!! Keep calm, and breathe. Everything will work out! Just remember all of the good right now!

Dalayna Dillon said...

Hey there! Thanks for linking up with the Not Quite There Yet link up. I am loving meeting new girls that is in the same place in life. Hope you can make it back to link up again this week! If you are interested in co-hosting the link up again in the future some time let me know, I would love to have ya.


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