Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Evening Rant: The Curse of New Year's Eve

I have never had a pleasant New Year's Eve. EVER. It is now at the point where I resent even being made to stay up until midnight. Some people think that Christmas is the loneliest time of the year, but that thirty seconds, as you count down to New Year, where without fail I have witnessed everyone else hugging their close ones near as the chimes of Auld Lang's Syne kick in, is the lowest point of mine. Being third in line for a Happy New Year Hug is about as pleasant as being the last one picked in a P.E. class.
Apart from the fact that most New Year's celebrations are a massive anti-climax, a time of forced fun and fixed smiles, it's also bonkers how you're convinced it's an excellent idea to pay four times what you normally would do to eat a meal, or go out to a club - and more than that, a club you could go to the day before for the same price, DJ and cheaper drinks.
I thought I would share with you today, my top 3 most terrible New Year's Eve celebrations:
1. Last year, content with a bottle of wine, nice meal and a film in my flat I had planned to go to bed early, sleep for a long time and wake up to read a book in bed and laze around. Instead, I was ambushed by my parents, who meaning well, phoned, said they'd be around in half an hour to collect me and that I would be staying with them for New Years. I warned them I was heading to bed early. They had other plans. Every time I went to go to bed, they fed me, served another cup of tea or needed my opinion on something. So I caved in, watched the fireworks on the TV. Gave them a hug and slumped off to bed, in my brother's room, in a single bed, feeling more of a loser than normal.
2. When I was 19, my friends returned from our first year at university and we enjoyed catching up. Just after Christmas I got an eye infection - yup, the kind where you have to wear an EYE-PATCH. Needless to say I felt rotten. Were my friends bothered? Um, no. My best friend worked on me for ages and relenting I did what any girl who was forced to go to a party as an unintentional pirate, I decorated a patch with sequins to match my outfit and sucked it up. We were in the club for 30 minutes before two of my drunk friends got thrown out for play fighting, my best friend had already picked someone up and 'disappeared', and I had been approached by lots of people wanting to know if I had two eyes or not. Hideous. So we left before midnight and I ended up driving my friends home as the only person who hadn't drunk a single drop of alcohol due to anti-biotics. I spent midnight in a car, driving back to my parents having spent longer getting ready than celebrating.
3. I was in Canada visiting a friend ( the year after number 2) and we went out to a club. Due to the snow and the public transport system, the clubs stayed open until 7am in order that people could dance the night away or until the first train started again. The night started in a promising way. We got in, found rooms which didn't insist on playing ANY house music and started to have fun. The club, however, was massive. Within an hour or so we had lost each other. I must have spent 2 hours wandering around, doing the fake dance walk to avoid looking lost, searching for the people I was with. I didn't find them, so I settled in an armchair in a central area and decided to stay put until someone found me. Well, they did, at 2am, fast asleep. I'd slept through midnight. The only upside I suppose was that no-one had drawn on me in my slumber. Canadians are civilised like that!
Now the issue I have this year is quite massive. Unlike me, Andi has had lots of amazing New Years; he loves it. I have NO desire to go out, but want our first New Years to be as memorable, for the right reasons, as the rest of his. This is where you can help.
I am at a loss! What can I do this year for New Years which will be special but not involve arranging parties, leaving my flat or socialising? The challenge is on, my friends. What can I do?
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Amanda said...

Number 2 is brilliant, love it! I hate New Years, always puts me in a funk and the clubs / bars charging 4x for everything just makes it even worse! I much prefer a bottle of bubbly on the beach watching the fireworks as they go off in the coastal towns, this is how we've spent the past couple of years, perfect!
I have no idea what you can do that doesn't involve going out, perhaps and anti New Year Party, invite no one! But tell everyone it will be the best ever, they'll be talking about it until at least Jan 1st!

Laura said...

I just want to say, I love reading your blog Rosie.
I am not a fan of New Years Eve myself. It just marks the end of holiday festivities. I am usually in bed before midnight.
Maybe you could plan a nice quiet evening? Have a good week.

Rebecca @ Herons Crafts said...

Oh Rosie! You haven't had the best luck! I have never been out for new years and have always spent it with my family. The tradition in our house is to plan a special meal (I mean three courses, use your best china, kind of thing) and then each person cooks a course (or you all just chip in)to enjoy a delicious meal. We then settle down with a film to pass the time, and after that, chat together with Jools Holland's Hootenaney (is that how you spell it!?) in the background until midnight. Relaxed, enjoyable and totally avoids all the crowds of New Years in town!
I hope that this year is really special for you both!
Rebecca xxx

PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

We usually just get together with close friends, drink some drinks, play some games and have a blast. On some years we have been so engrossed in our epic monopoly game ,or something like that, that we have completely missed the countdown. This year I imagine will be much of the same.

Cocalores said...

I'm so sorry, but I couldn't stop laughing. New Year's sucks! All the planning to please everyone, then all the travelling, and driving home at 4am in a snowstorm? Nuh-uh, not me.

I can only recommend my attitude (which is that of a seventy-year old pensioner with a hearing disorder and a cranky mood): stay in, prepare an awesomesauce meal (we usually do raclette), enjoy some (or lots of) expensive champagne (which is what you would have spent on really lousy drinks at a club), watch an awesome film (usually one we couldn't stop talking about all year and had put aside for this special occasion) until it's midnight, drink a toast, go to bed early. Board games are also required for the right pensioner-attitude.

And if you're mean, call all your friends on the 1st early in the morning to wish them a splendid new year! (haha)

Don't stress out over New Year's, the more you try to make it perfect, the worse it gets! xo

Kate - Classy Living said...

I thought I was the only one who hated New Year's! Last year, my fiance and I literally put on our pajamas around 9 PM and curled up for a movie with some yummy caramel popcorn. We turned on the TV around 11:55, watched the countdown, and then went straight to bed!

My vote for you is something similar to your initial plans for last year. A delicious meal, your favorite wine, cozy clothes, and a great movie.

Kate said...

I almost always spend New Years at home with my husband and kids... So I'm no help! I think you should just get a couple of movies, order dinner in and have a romantic evening with your guy. :)

Breenah said...

Do up a whole fancy party with appetizers and a nice meal and wine and what have you. Get dressed up and plan music or movies and then invite just you two. Nobody else allowed, but it'll be fun and sweet.

Alyx said...

Haha, oh, Rosie! I can't believe you fell asleep at a club!

If it makes you feel any better, I hate NYE, too!

Madison said...

Can't believe you were able to fall asleep at a club. I have trouble falling asleep in the perfect conditions in my own bed, let alone anywhere else!!

I'm not big on New Years Eve. I think there was only one or two times when I stayed up to midnight on NYE, and I was alone on the computer during high school. So, you know, not terribly exciting either. Every since those couple of high school times, I've been sound asleep for new years.

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