Thursday, November 29, 2012

Reclaiming my cupboards before Christmas - the big clear up!

If you caught my rant yesterday, you'll realise I am facing that dreadful Christmas feeling of bursting cupboards and impending visitors. In less than three weeks, I have a very good friend coming to stay, who is going to require some space for her, and her boyfriend's stuff - not to mention my one bedroomed flat is going to home to a cosy three.
I wouldn't have it any other way of course. Isn't it strange though, how mess you are prepared to live with suddenly becomes embarrassing when it is shared with others? I opened my wardrobe and shuddered at how I might make space. On returning my shoes to the 'book' cupboard, I had to climb parts of it to be successful. My corner craft stash glared at me in a fit-to-burst way, taunting me about where I might actually place a tree. When delving into my kitchen in the hope of a sugary snack to cheer me up, all I could see was clutter, piles and piles of precariously balanced pots and pans, and more pens in my cutlery drawer than is healthy. I'm surprised I haven't tried to eat my dinner with a Biro before now.
It's clearly time for some action. I have made a start. I have made a pledge:
I will tidy my flat, bit by bit, while I watch Masterchef.
Now, my flat isn't dirty. I DO clean it. But there is stuff that needs sorting and why not when I usually watch a T.V show, most of which I find superfluous as it's really all about the tasting at the end anyhow?  It's on 4 nights a week, which means that by next Friday I might not only have spic and span cupboards, a cutlery drawer restored to its primary function, but will probably have filed everything in my living room and started on my school files which 'decorate' my hallway. Thus leaving me with a couple of big cupboards to tackle when I reach my school holidays, rather than a seemingly never-ending mountain of cleaning.
Now all I have to do is stick to it. The craft corner is done and so is the main cupboard in the kitchen. My house guests might be confused that there are now more craft supplies in that cupboard than food stuffs, but it's less mortifying than it was!
Do you have any Christmas tidying tips or storage ideas? Or even any relatives to stay? Want to join in the T.V tidy with me?
Until tomorrow, and another tidy cupboard.

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Natasha V said...

It's funny, what we consider clean enough for ourselves is not the same as when we're having people over.

PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

I always clean with the TV on. Last night I re-watched two episodes of midsummer murder while cleaning my bedroom, finding my dining room table (I always have two or three projects going on and last night I also had the project I posted last night set up for pictures) and folding some laundry.

Cocalores said...

I'm afraid I will need to clean and de-clutter too. But my home is kind of too big to watch TV while doing it (okay, that is a weird complaint). What I want to say is that the room where the TV is, is usually the only totally immaculate room in the house. Let's not talk about my office or my wardrobe or the crafting and presents chaos in the guestroom. Let's hope that no one wants to spend the night on Christmas! ;-)

PS Okay I will clean before Christmas. Messy christmases are not good! ;-)

Ms. Cathy said... boyfriend LOVES to clean as it provides him a lot of calm. On the other hand, I get sometimes frustrated if I have to clear any things out and reorganize stuff so I relate to your journey :) With time, it'll be just right so don't get so down on yourself if it's not perfect right now.

Also wanted to let you know I have a giveaway going on that might destress you out a little ;)

Cathy Trails

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Madison said...

Cleaning with the tv on sounds like a great idea in theory. As long as you actually manage to get stuff done while it's on. I have a pretty good feeling that if I tried this, after a few minutes I'd end up sitting on the couch with a bag of chips...and then a few hours later remember I was supposed to be cleaning. Whoops?

I usually clean with just music on since that's far less distracting.

ifs ands Butts said...

I alway sfold clothes and stuff while watching shows on my laptop, so I get ya there.

I also am lazy when it comes to organizing and often just throw stuff out and put it in the Goodwill pile.


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