Thursday, November 8, 2012

Make a Facebook Header in a Few Easy Steps

On Tuesday I shared my resolution to start my Facebook page with a concerted effort to make it work, rather than just being another social media site to add to my sidebar. You can read more about that and the Resolutions in Motion project here.
I promised you all a tutorial for how I put together my header and it is SO easy with the Picmonkey Collage. To start off you need some images and their website which you can find here.
1. When you go to the website click on the option to make a collage. Down the left hand side of the page there are a series of symbols which will help you to select the relevant editing options for your collage.
2. Select the symbol with the boxes and then scroll down until you find the Facebook Cover option. Select the style of cover you would like. Now it's time to upload your images. Facebook has some rules including leaving your web address or direct promotion of your blog in the header image, so try to avoid seeing the header like a further advert. You can have your blog name though.
3. Click on the 'mountain' symbol to upload your images. Select the giant blue button to add images from your computer. I always add more than I need. For my header I made some coloured squares in my blog colours (saving them as a PNG) and included those too.
4. When you have all of your pictures, you only need to drag and drop the images into the boxes. If you hover your cursor over the boxes you can swap them round, adjust the size and move around the position of your picture in the box. It's so easy.

5. Now all you have to do is press the save button. This is above the image (and not that usefully visible in my photo above.) I saved my image as a jpg in the end as the png I saved initially would not load to Facebook very well. The best bit is at this stage that you can still go back and make further edits to your Facebook Header.

What I love about Picmonkey as it sizes the header properly and is so easy to use. Once you get your collage sorted you can always add further text and images by loading it into Picmonkey editor and having a play. I didn't because I was so excited to get my page up and going.

Speaking of which, I would love it if you would come and 'like' my page! You can do that here.

My featured giveaway today, from my MASSIVE 46 prize extravaganza that you can still enter here, is the GREEN PRIZE PACKAGE a worldwide giveaway with some awesome prizes from some even more amazing ladies. I would love it if you would enter and if you just liked my Facebook page, you have a free entry.
 I hope my Facebook header tutorial helps you in some way or that you got to try your luck at winning your prizes. If you are new or old to Facebook on your blog come and join my Follow Fest tomorrow. Make some new Facebook friends on Friday.  Until then....<3

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PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Is there anything PicMonkey isnt good at? I believe my facebook page will now get a new header!!!! Thanks Rosie.

Lieke said...

Hi Rosie, I love PicMonkey! I will for sure try this!

FrugalFoodieMama said...

You are awesome! When I get a break, I am totally updating my Facebook page's cover photo. ;) I always have so much trouble doing that! Thanks so much for posting this. :)
I featured this post on my ~A Little Sunday Potluck~ today, friend...

Wenhao Guo said...
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