Sunday, October 21, 2012

How People React to Blogging in Real Life!

I had a wonderful G+ hangout a couple of weekends ago with some lovely blogging ladies to celebrate Katlyn's blogiversary. It's about as geeky as it sounds; what else is a girl to do on a Saturday night?
Let's just say  - they inspired this post! Thanks guys!
Being open about having a blog is quite hard. When I tell people I'm a blogger, I tend to have one of three reactions from them:
What do you write about? (Interested or just very polite)
How do you manage that and hold down a job at the same time? (An attempt to turn away from this unknown topic)
OR my personal favourite
Mmmmmm that's nice. (I don't understand you - please stop talking to me).
Until you have made a commitment to blogging, where you make time to share your life, hobbies, passions, families or just thoughts with another, I'm not sure you can really understand what it's all about.
We must seem like quite a crazy breed of people, talking about: stats, sponsors, swapping, hopping, guest-posting, featuring, networking. And more to the point. Who has a life THAT interesting that they should write about it? What makes someone spend hours of their time making sure they post regularly, reply to emails from 'strangers' from across the globe and write engaging, thoughtful posts?
I know that it becomes even weirder for people close to us bloggers. I think my boyfriend is pretty chilled about me blogging. He sees it as a hobby, probably prefers I didn't talk about it all of the time, and knows that I will stop if I have important things to do (like the pile of books sitting next to me that I intended to mark this evening!).  He told me recently, he doesn't read it so much any more. I guess the fascination has worn off...or maybe it's because I haven't mentioned how awesome he is in a while.
You only have to read people's blogs to realise that not all husbands, boyfriends or parents truly 'get' the blogging thing.  I'll admit, I have had a few quite a few times when I might have spent a couple of hours an entire day on a new blog project when I could be doing something more useful or even sociable. But hey it's not so dissimilar from the following hobbies:
  • Obsessive playing of computer games, particularly Call of Duty or any that require a headset.
  • Golf - a game that requires a full day of wandering around and the dubious wearing of Argyle socks.
  • Collecting things - the categorisation of any collection properly, surely takes time especially when you consider the labelling.
  • Following a sporting team religiously. All of that match-watching, rewatching, discussing and travelling too and from matches, races....the pub can sure make a 90 minute match extend into a few days.
  • Popping out with 'the lads', usually to the shed or garage. A cry for 'we're just going to check the oil' turns into, 'we've decided to build a car'.
Apparently though, there are some occasions when  having a blog becomes O.K. It would seem that when some people monetize their blogs, it somehow becomes purposeful.  The realisation that you might be able to fund a meal out or even pay for your own shoes and it becomes alright. Either that, or you need a super understanding other half, like my awesome one. In case I hadn't mentioned that already...
My message to those folks who don't understand why I blog would be this:
The hobbies I have are fairly solitary and not really shared by my real life buds. My online buds do; they have helped me develop my love of writing, appreciated my crafts, love of books and crazy projects. When you're sewing something, it isn't particularly social. On here it is. It gives me a place to chat with people who like the same stuff as me and just feel like less of a loner. I don't feel like there's anything wrong with wanting to belong.
How do people react to your blogging? What are the weirdest responses you've had? How do you keep your family happy and balance your blogging life?
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deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

last week i blogged a post about 'you might be a blogger if....' i'm sure you can relate! (especially after reading this post!) :)

Cocalores said...

I'm so with you here! Most people I know don't know about my blog because I don't think they would get it. (Not even my husband reads my blog - but he can see the projects first-hand *g*). They don't really share my hobbies, so I don't mind that they wouldn't be interested in my blog.

But my blog gave me a community of people who like similar things that I do, and I don't feel weird anymore spending an afternoon painting letters onto a bar, or doing whatever we weird people do. Plus, I've met some pretty amazing people that I would never have met otherwise - for example you =)

So it's a win-win situation for me!

Cody Doll said...

I love blogging too. I haven't told to many people that I blog. Mostly because my 'real-life' friends would react weirdly. I do have say I am lucky. It was boyfriend that suggested that I start blogging. So on days that we need down time, he plays on the computer and I blog.

Thanks for sharing,

Bre @ Peacoats and Plaid said...

That's exactly how I feel better about my hours spent blogging, my hubby spends his free time "gaming" on his computer. I guess it goes both ways, I don't get as annoyed when he wants to "play" because then I can blog! lol

Paige said...

I don't really talk about it with friends. I have one or two friends that I know that read it but they never ask me about it so I don't tell.

I know a couple of school friends follow me on twitter so I think they may have clicked over a couple of times but I feel like everyone would just think it was weird.

Hubs doesn't mind it unless it's late at night and he's ready for me to get off the computer and come to bed. lol. He doesn't read it but that's because I asked him not to.

Starr said...

Many people I know are pretty indifferent, especially my family. I do get notes from facebook friends (personal, I don't have a blog facebook page) telling me how much they enjoy my writing. That makes me feel all warm inside.

I like writing. Blogging allows me to do it and publish it for everyone to read if they wish.

I also do it for the money. Or perhaps not. $4/month is about all I manage, enough for a couple of ice cream cones.

Julie E said...

I've lucked out since starting my blog. My bf will ask if I've gotten my picture yet before eating. My mom reads and cooks from my blog. My dad is oblivious, he's anti-technology. But I think one of the cooler things is that last week my step-dad asked if he could give me a recipe to make and share on the blog. YES! He thought it would be so cool to see his family recipe online. Winning. I rarely mention the blog to my friends. A few read, others would give me the ummm...that's nice reaction.

Niamh said...

I have yet to meet a person in real life who "gets" blogging - people seem to assume you must be a recluse if you blog seriously. But I love it! The community is my favorite part!

Angie Hales said...

Very good. I don't reveal that I'm a blogger much either. I never really thought of it as a hobby but that is the best way to describe it; also the reason why not every one gets it.

Hubby and I have used it as a platform to leave stories for our boys. I only know of one relative that reads it but not how consistently.

Bonny @ said...

It sounds like many of us are in the same boat. I don't know if my husband has read my blog, and I'm sure he thinks I'm nuts for spending so much time on it, but it's such a wonderful mix of my favorite hobbies: photographing, writing, and creating, so it just seemed natural to blog.

Jessica Peters said...

I don't really tell people. It's not like I am handing out business cards or whatever. It's like I share a piece of myself on my blog that I wouldn't want to in real life. I know I should be the same person for both, but its a little scary, exposing myself like that. I know that my best friend reads my blog, but other than that, I don't know if people who follow me on twitter click over. My boyfriend knows I have one.. but I don't know if he has ever read it. Not that I have ever told him not to (although he might not like that I talk about him so much :P)

I know that not everyone gets it, but for me its about the community. I am not a very sociable person irl, but in blogging I can be the center of attention! I need to find the middle.

Allyssa said...

I haven't told anyone that I have a blog. I feel like people just wouldn't get it. If they find it on their own, great. Otherwise, it's just a hobby I'm keeping to myself. Although I'd love to tell everyone about it. Maybe someday.

Jen said...

I don't talk about my blog a lot in real life. And I don't quite know how to respond when someone brings up a post in conversation, which can be a little awkward. On one occasion, a woman I do not know said "Oh, it's you! I read your blog. You are hilarious!" Then she paused and looked eagerly at me as if I should do something hilarious. Unfortunately I'm not always "on". Sometimes I just want to eat a normal taco in a normal way and have a normal conversation.


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