Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blog Angels October - The Final Round-up and a The Ultimate Blog Angels December Launch!

Blog Angels is constantly evolving as a project and with 100 people to sign up this round was the most successful yet. With more than 87% of people actively taking part, it is bittersweet. I'm celebrating the 87 of you who have thrown your heart and soul into the scheme....and slightly disappointed that some of you won't have had any help from the 13 people who dropped out without saying anything. For those who couldn't see the whole thing through and let me know, thank you! I was able to sort out back-up Angels and hopefully keep the scheme going. I'm not sure we'll ever have 100% success; however I will keep aiming for it!
So with the half way 'reveal' post going live here, the Blog Angels have been busy getting to know each other. I hope that some of you are now firm bloggy friends. I've had some sweet emails from people who appear to have new 'besties' for life, so I'm glad that some of my match-making worked!
The time has now come to fill us all in on what you have been doing over the last 14 days. Here are some questions you might want to consider while you write your posts.
1. How has your relationship with your blogger and Blog Angel developed since the reveal?
2. How have your helped them out and what help have you received?
3. What have you learnt about your blogger since the reveal?
4. What plans have you to stay in touch in the future?
Please only link up a Round Up post below. If you want to be a December Blog Angel, read further down in the post  after the linky party - we are holding our first ULTIMATE edition.


On 15th November you can sign up to be a December Blog Angel. I wanted to make the scheme a bit simpler for everyone over the busy festive period, while seeing if I could really unite 200 plus people in the completely selfless act of giving without receiving help in return. Ambitious right? A little bit, but then I know that with your support this project can work. Regular Blog Angels will return in February as usual.
These are the December rules!
1. Find a blog you want to help in secret - this could be new to you or an existing blogger in need of a boost. Try and give the URL of a reserve blog to help in case your first choice is in hot demand.
2. Fill in the form (on the blog from 10th November!)
3. Wait for an email before 30th November confirming you can help that person. I will make sure that everyone isn't trying to assist the same person.
4. Help them with their blog in secret for one month, commiting to commenting a minimum of twice a week. See more advice on what else you can do here.
5. Link up a post summarising what help you have given throughout the first two weeks. (15th December)
6. Link up a reveal post on 30th December and contact your blog to let them know you've been their festive buddy for the month.

So there are some pretty important changes. I hope you like the idea and will help me reach my 2012 target of 200 participants. If you would like to have the sign-up form on your blog on 10th November, email me, or Tweet me and I will send you the HTML. The more the merrier!

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PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

oh no! I'm never going to be able to pick just one!!! LOL, I like it when other people make all my decisions for me. Seriously I'm a horrible decision maker!

Sandra Kohlmann said...

I am loving the idea for the ultimate Blog Angels this December. I can't imagine how great it would be to have somebody go out of their way to help grow my blog, without any expectation or a returned favor. Helping for the sake of helping! It's ideal for the coming holiday season. You're brilliant!

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Thank you so much for Blog Angels! October flew by! It was wonderful. December sounds interesting. Hmmm... 'Not sure who I will choose. Thanks again! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Leisure M. said...

This is a great idea. I would love to participate! Im one of your new followers. You can follow me back at http://www.NavyWif33.com

Cocalores said...

Yeah, I'm with PJ - it is going to be hard picking a blog (plus, it has to be a blog that is smaller than me or that I am able to help, so that's going to be extra hard!)! But I really, really like the idea. Well, I don't know how you always come up with these cool ideas! xo

Lieke said...

Hi Rosie, this sounds cool! Can we just pick any blog we want?! From all the thousends that are out there?!!! That is soooo hard!

Emily said...

I would love to sign up for the December Blog Angels!! So let me get this right... we wait until November 10-15 to sign up?

Katherine @ Green Thickies said...

Thank you so much Rosie. I've really enjoyed this, and I think it's a great idea to pick a blog in secret that you want to help.
During this process I think I've found it much more rewarding to give rather than to receive so I think it makes a lot of sense (and easier on you) for us to pick a blog we want to help.
Many thanks for all your hard work during this process.

Rosie said...

Thank you Leisure, Emily and Katherine! The next sign up starts on 10th November and then the actual Blog Angels is in December. We'll see how picking other blogs go, but I am sure you can all 'stalk' one of your favourite blogs followers or commenters to find a like-minded soul to help. It doesn't have to be someone 'smaller' than you - even experienced bloggers need help. And in some cases, they need MORE support as they are a bit busier. :)

Angela Paris said...

thanks so much for hosting and facilitating. you're amazing!

Salena Lee said...

Thanks so much Rosie! Can't wait for December, sounds great! Although I have no idea who to pick. :)

Taylor said...

Hi Rosie,
I found your blog through the "not quite there yet" link up. What you have achieved with blog angels is amazing, 100 people, wow, congratulations!

Alyx said...

Rosie, you are the best. Thanks for working so hard to make this happen!

Brianna Asaro Photography said...

I just found your blog today and I'm a little bit in love, I think! Thanks for having such an awesome page for me to lose myself in while I'm supposed to be working and editing photos!

Kelsey Eaton said...

I'm still just an itty bitty blog myself so I may not have TONS of help to give but hopefully whatever advice and help I can give can make someone's day! This is such a great idea!! Thank you for doing this.


Deidre said...

Aw, I love the blog angel idea! Would love to get involved for December! will have to see if I can make sure that I have enough time!

isseymaya said...

I would love to get involved with this but i cant find any blog smaller than mine ha! i wonder whether it would be worth contacting other larger blogs and asking them to joing this rosie?
Like scathingly brilliant or a beautiful mess


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