Monday, October 29, 2012

A Week in Review and a Whole Lot of Blogging Opportunities to JOIN IN with!

I've been in Germany this last week and there have been LOTS of highlights. Within 7 days the temperature went from a freak for autumn 22 degrees all of the way to 1 degree and snow! We started with some gorgeous weather while visiting the Edersee area of Germany. We went on a tree top walk through a forest and then had coffee in my favourite castle in the world.....and not just because of THAT view of because I got to climb the cannons again...
Do any of you regular readers remember the post where I featured this castle before?*
From there we went to the site of a village which was destroyed to expand the lake. I did me some scrambling up rocks and stone throwing while the sun went down. I was meant to be skimming stones, but had my usual success!
 We kicked around Mannheim for the second half of the week...but went on a day-trip on Saturday to Baden Baden where I had some 'Flame cake'. Or a kinda German pizza thing to all of my foodie readers. It's a very thin pizza dough, with Swiss cheese (like a creamy kind), ham and leek. Yum! Just what you need to help wash down a delicious Rieslingshorle (white wine spritzer). Baden-Baden has two special Spa baths, one looked extremely interesting, but involved lots of voluntary public nudity and the other looked relaxing, clothed, but I forgot to pack my swimmers. We drank some of the local 'mineral' water straight from the source. If you can imagine warm, salted pasta water you'd probably have a nicer time with it! As you can see from the picture, we picked the BEST weather for a trip out. Apparently it was all of my Christmas shopping which made winter come along early.

So, I finished my Christmas shopping (and wrapping!) for Andi's folks. It culminated in me making this necklace and bracelet for his mum. Finally...some crafting! If you want a tutorial, comment below and I''ll make my mum one too.
(The stones are: pink river stone, rose marble and cultivated pearls.)
I also did quite a lot of bloggy bits this week:
  • This Wednesday, Blog Angels - the final October link-up, is ready to go live. I can't wait to see what everyone has been up to!
  • I decided on the rules for Blog Angels the Christmas edition so I could find a way to involve even more people. Sign up is earlier from 10th November, but you can check out the new ideas on my Blog Angels page now. You can also take the new wintry Blog Angels button from my sidebar.
  • I have been getting everything ready for my massive 500 Follower giveaway on 5th November. There will be 45 prizes! FORTY-FIVE!
  • I joined in the Resolutions in Motion scheme and have set myself a goal to get my Facebook page up and organised (more on that later!) I will be posting all about this on 6th November.
  • I set up my Facebook page and designed my Facebook Follow Fest button! I am looking for a whole bunch of co-hosts. If you want to co-host the party, all you need to commit to is 'liking' the pages of everyone who signs up and putting the post up between 9th-11th November (yes this IS during Blog Angels sign-up so traffic should increase!)
So I have set myself the challenge of reaching 100 'Likes' of my Facebook page by 17th December. Can you start me off now? Click on the link below.
And there was me thinking that I had a really quiet week away from the blog! So don't forget to pop back over the next couple of weeks. It appears that it is going to be another huge month of building community and links with other people. Hope to see you around, and remember if you fancy co-hosting the Facebook Follow Fest, just tell me before the 7th November.
P.S. *the castle post...well that was here!
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Laura Ryder said...

Love the necklace...I so would LOVE to know how to make that.

Beautiful pictures. :)

PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Id love to get involved with the facebook festival! Oh and Im dying for the next round of blog angels. I only hope I can sign up in time. Im in a wedding on the 10th and attending to the bride is priority uno!

Jessica McCoy said...

Beautiful pictures!! I hope to travel one day and visit a castle.

Lot's going on in your bloggy world! Can't wait for the next round of Blog Angels. :)

Betsy said...

I'd love to know how to make them as well. My mom would love something like that ... heck I'll make one for myself too.


Cocalores said...

Oh yeah, the necklace is very pretty! Good I'm not the only one who likes pink! ;-)
PS That special "flame cake" (are we really coining this term? *g*) is actually Alsacian, so we can't take responsibility for it. Did you know that there is also a sweet version of it, with thinly sliced apples, cinnamon, cream cheese, and liquor set on fire. Oh yeah!

Alyx said...

Ah, leave it to Germany to have ultra crummy weather.

Glad you've had a good time, though!

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Beautiful photos! I'm so glad you enjoyed your vacation! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Dara said...

I'm going to miss sign ups again! maybe one day I'll make it.
I liked your facebook page but it's not letting me write on your wall - either that or you'll see it like 10 times! lol.

Bonny Yokeley said...

The necklace is beautiful. I'd love to co-host your FB Fest. You can email me the details if you'd like. I just started my FB page for my blog a couple months ago.

Lieke said...

Wow! How do you find the time to do all this! You are amazing!!!!

Helen Gash said...

Ummm tutorial yes please! The necklace is gorgeous. I don't know how you fit it all in with teaching. It looks like you had a great time in Germany.


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