Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Wednesday Rant & a Bit of a Celebration (shhhh)

The fact that I am writing this rant AT work waiting for an information evening might be an occasion to whine. But no, not today. I am grateful for being employed and enjoying my job that the occasional 14 hour day isn’t the end of the world.  It is the end of any meaningful relaxation this evening and the chance to carry on with Anna Karenina or preparation for the craft fair.
Uncharacteristically for a rant, I just wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate a couple of cool things that happened over the weekend (discounting Saturday morning when I was at work).
1.       I have had such a generous reaction to my 500 follower giveaway that it’s going to be awesome. If you want to jump on the bandwagon then fill in the form here. It’s promising to be a pretty cool party! I’m also aware that I am now, shockingly, well over 500 followers and may need to rebrand the giveaway in a couple of weeks. I’m prepared to do that. Thanks for reading newbies, originals and occasional visitors: I appreciate it!

2.       The second bit of great news is that I have finished 20 of my 40 pencil cases for the craft fair. I estimate another 6 hours or so of work and I will never have to mass produce anything again (well until the equipment for the Scrabble key chains arrive!) Three weeks ago, I truly believed that the pile of fabric which had yet to form themselves into cute accessories would never actually happen. Hours of (frankly boring) sewing later and I’m half way – go craft team!
So now onto the ranting:
1.       I feel saddened by the pressure women, teenagers and girls put on themselves. We have some crazy expectation of being able to ‘do it all’ and beating ourselves up when we fail. I am guilty of this in my own life. The poor teenagers taking examinations right now – it’s off the chart. I hate that I can’t take away their self esteem issues and that I can’t give them the confidence they need to stay sane.

2.       I want Autumn to hurry up – grayish, misty weather which is sometimes cold, but mostly miserable is NOT fun. There’s barely any of the warming reds or even leaves to kick about that make the grim, wet weather fun or even slightly romantic. Let me frolic seasons, let me frolic.

3.       Mushrooms: they suck. They are everywhere. Stop being in my food. That is all...
4.   Time has slowed. It might only be 10 days until I am in Germany again, but feels like longer. Ironically, the amount of work I have to fit in to 10 days is about 18 days worth. Therefore making me want it both to slow down and speed up.
5.    I still have 20 zippers to sew on. I am not good at doing this, I have found, without stabbing myself with pins. I want to make some new projects that I can do tutorials on. Let's make this craft work for more than one purpose, people!  Wish me luck.
What's tangling your yarn this week, causing you to mutter under your breath or irking your turtle*?
*apart from my newly made up words and phrases for being annoyed...
Would love to hear from you - and generally love you all a bit for being so super awesome in helping me celebrate. 
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Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

Irking your turtle! You are so funny! I have no complaints this week (thankfully!), but if you had asked me that last week my list would have been long!! So there's hope! Hang in there girl you are making progress!

Dara said...

haha, I hate mushrooms too! they're a fungus for goodness sakes!

Jessica Peters said...

I love your phrases! Fall is finally sneaking up on california! I am so excited.

Breenah said...

Love the term "irking your turtle" it's brilliant!

Cocalores said...

Today: only 9 days to go! Yes, this weather really sucks! I feel frozen to the bone most of the time because of that crappy rain and drizzle.
Yay, a fellow mushroom hater - most people love them, so that means lots of weird looks for us =)

I bet you give your teens enough support to make it through those exams. They might not know it now, but a year from now they will see that and grow from here! =)

Lieke said...

Hi Rosie, pff you sound so busy!!! What is it you are making for the crafts fair? Looking forward to seeing the end result!

jennicampbell85 said...

I'm going to be contraversial here and say I would have muchrooms in everything lol!! Its really foggy here tonight - always makes me think of bonfire night for some reason!

Katrin said...

I think I hate onions as much as you hate mushrooms. hehe. :)


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