Friday, September 7, 2012

Why I am going to have a Blogging Schedule

Some of you might be wondering where I have disappeared to. I posted pretty much everyday in August. I wanted to see what it's like and also make the most of having time on holiday to write. I had so much to write about the content wasn't a chore....but sometimes I wondered if I'd have done a bit more towards my other goals if I had stayed offline a little more.
Rule 2 - Play more, work less.
It's not possible now I'm back at work to post as much. The last two nights I had literally NO brain power. I couldn't even look at my laptop. Instead I was slumped on my sofa, wine in hand and a film on the T.V. It's not like I have nothing to say. I still have lots I want to write about. I am just stuck for the time. I quite literally haven't made a thing for the craft fair I intend to do for charity and that is now in less than 3 months.


I feel like I'm in a bit of a funk. Maybe it's just the withdrawal from my dream life in Germany, but I am not myself. It's unlike me to avoid and procrastinate when I have a goal. So, it's time to make a stand. The prospect is underwhelming, but I need to move forward, be productive and help time to pass quickly, productively and interestingly.

The Sun Always Shines

I need me a routine and some structure and that includes here. I will probably go back to posting more randomly when I am back in the swing of things. For the time being I am going to be posting (definitely) on the following days.  The content might change (except Blog Angels and Book Club), but at least you'll know when you're checking up on me that you'll have something to read!

So here goes:
Life, Crafts and the Blogosphere
(Personal and creative posting basically!)
I am going to get my rant on. My friend Anja does this and after my 6 lesson Wednesday I guess I will need one.

Book Club - I'll be hosting the link-up and giving my opinions on the current book.

Then obviously on the 15th September we have the Blog Angels sign up.

It may not seem like I am writing very much, and I reckon they'll be lots more. I just need some regularity in my life. Ya never might prefer it!

Take care!

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Shar Martinez said...

A blog schedule is great to have! Both blogging and everyday life can get overwhelming! I prewrite posts from time to time, to juggle both when times get a bit crazy!

And I am SO looking forward to blog angels! That's how I discovered your blog a few weeks ago! I've seen so many posts of different blogs about it! :) Amazing idea!

Have a fab weekend!!

♥ Shar

Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

I love the idea of a blogging schedule and have even been trying to come up with one myself.

Ms. Cathy said...

Hey Rosie!

I soo understand what you are going through. Since I have started a very mentally exhausting job on top of a rigorous work schedule - it's like my brain turns into mush by the time I get home, and my eyelids get so heavy! It's definitely tough to write each night after work - - What i've been trying to do is to write mostly on my days off and then schedule my posts in advance. I hope that helps!

Cathy Trails

Alyx said...

I should probably start one of these things of which you speak... A schedule? What is that? How does it work?


Bonny Yokeley said...

That's a wise idea. My greatest problem is my home office beckons me throughout the day. I work from home as a part-time online writing instructor and am trying to expand my blog, but I let these jobs creep into my family time, and I need to force myself to stop it. I'm thinking of creating a daily schedule for myself to go alone with my weekly one. Now we just need to force ourselves to stick to it! Good luck!

Cocalores said...

Good for you! I'm in a lull, too - maybe I should try your awesome idea and have at least a few regular features. And if I really feel like it, I can still post what pops into my head - so can you.
We should just stop being creative bloggers - then we wouldn't have to spend any time on crafts and projects. But wait! That's the best part of it! ;-)

xo Anja

PS Right now I love my rant - it's my favourite part of the week ;-)

Southern Glamourista said...

I really need to create a blogging schedule. It is definitely hard sometimes to juggle everything that a blog needs and life!

New follower through the blog hop :)

Southern Glamourista

Breonna said...

I like the idea of a schedule, but nothing so rigorous you don't have room for creativity. I do a Wordless Wednesday which usually is just a picture of the kid. But I love the idea of a rant day! Best of luck conserving brain power :)


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