Sunday, September 2, 2012

When it's just too hard to say goodbye...

I am back in England.
I appear to have lost my very British stiff upper lip. You see, I am feeling really deflated. While I love my job and everyone in England dearly, I just want to be in Germany. Period.
On Friday, as predicted in this post, I was a bit of a wreck. With every minute that passed, I started to feel panicked. Where had the time gone? My heart hurt.

 (The last few hours....schniff...a new haircut and a smile for my B.)
Over the last few days, I crafted up a storm (well a mild wind). I sent presents to Anja and English to say thank you for meeting up with me.
 I also made two post-it stands thanks to Bethany's (Pitter and Glink) super inspiring tutorial post last week. Here's one of them because I lost patience with water-marking things.

 But apart from that, it was mostly packing and organising what to take home.
In the airport, I was almost one of those people who publicly wail and cling to people. (No I haven't seen that in an airport either, but I am sure they exist). I didn't want to spend 1 day away from Andi, let alone the next 7 weeks. Thank goodness I managed to pull myself together. I felt like a prize idiot. It's not like some of you guys who wave your husband/boyfriends/fiances off to go fight in some war-torn country.  It's not that long even in comparison to some of our times apart, let alone a full on deployment.
But still, I hate not breathing the same air as him when we have a conversation. Yesterday I moped so much I literally had nothing interesting to tell him when we Skyped. I started eating chocolate again and felt magnetically attracted to all of the junk food in the supermarket. I spent a bunch in the craft shop and then did nothing.
A few of you lovelies cheered me up though. Your comments from Blog Angels, everyone who sponsor swapped with me and Brooke (Covered in Grace) shared some really funny personal photos with me and cracked a smile. So thank you peeps. I will cheer up I am sure. It's the initial separation that's the hardest.
I have work to keep me busy though. It's full steam ahead for the next few days, so it might be a bit quiet over here for a little bit until I find my routine again. A new year and new timetable means I have plenty to organise and a very busy schedule. Book club will be happening this Friday though and we'll be back next week with a very special little project I am slowly, but successfully pulling together.
Thank you to everyone who has joined me on my blog over the last week. There's been another massive jump in readers due to the Blog Angels reveal for which I am also truly grateful. If you are wondering if I am normally this depressing, then read this post and this before you make up your mind!
How was your weekend? Anyone got any healthy tips for moping? Anyone want to shout 'get a grip at me'?
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Nicole said...

I have been and witnessed the crazed person in the airport bawling and clinging. It's so tough, even for a little bit! :( Hopefully these next 7 weeks will fly by for you!! Keep making your amazing crafts and thank goodness for Skype so you can see each other when you're apart! XO

Brieann Daw said...

I...uhh...I've been the crazy girl in the airport before. The guy I was with had just proposed the day before and I clung to him like Rose to Jack....he had to hide me behind a potted plant. It was bad. Chin up though because when you do see him again it will be all worth it if it is ment to be!!!

Rebecca @ Herons Crafts said...

Firstly I love your hair! It looks great! I always think that you can allow yourself a couple of days of moping (chocolate and junk food a must!) and then try and get on with it! I really hope the next 7 weeks goes quickly for sound like you have so much on that it will! Rebecca xxx

Alyx said...

You look absolutely STUNNING with your new hair, Rosie! I really, really love it! It suits you.

I'm sorry that you had to say goodbye - that's sometimes the hardest thing. If you need anything, let me know what I can do to help! Even if it's just lending a listening ear.

Cocalores said...

I almost didn't recognize you in the photo - really cool new hair! Sorry you're having such a sucky time right now! If there's anything we can do, just tell! Maybe let's have an official Rosie Day on all our blogs ;-) But seven weeks will soon be over! xo

Lieke said...

Hi Rosie, don't worry before you know it you will be back together! And as you mention Skype is the best thing ever! Just keep breathing and blogging, we are all here to help you!

Stephanie said...

Love your hair!

I've never been that person at the airport, but I have in other situations. Keep your head up, it'll get better :)

English Anderson said...

1. Thank you so much for the gift! I absolutely love it!!! 2. I hope the time flies by for you. 7 weeks can go pretty quickly if you keep busy. 3. Did you get your hairs cut? I love it either way. 4. Can't wait to see you in October!

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