Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Rant Week Two

It's almost like this rant has been building since last week. Ironically, I'm writing this on Tuesday because my Wednesday is packed full of teaching and marking that my evening has already disappeared. My week hasn't been spectacularly bad; Blog Angels has taken a massive leap forward with more people than ever before involved. I caught up with some friends, ran some errands AND made some progress towards the craft fair. So what is there to moan about?
Lots! Apparently...
1. Bulk sewing seemed like a good idea when I had it. Sewing 40 pencil cases is long, slow and finicky.
2. My sewing machine needle keeps unthreading making the process even slower.
3. I have nearly run out of thread, further stalling process.
4. I am irritated with myself for being so frustrated with this project. I have given myself a good talking to....I know that thousands of cancer sufferers would rather sew these than be sick. I should be more grateful that I have this opportunity.
5. I want to involve more people in Book Club. I have no idea how. Perhaps you guys have some brain waves?

So what's yanking your chain this week or sending steam out of your ears?

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Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

I lov the idea of your book club. I loooove to read but with my daughter I just can't commit to a reading schedule....oh how I wish I could.

My rant this week is teething, my poor girl is so miserable and I wish I could make her feel better and I just can't. Grrr.

Cocalores said...

It always happens like that - when you're finally in the mood for sewing, all these things will happen to distract you. Just terrible! But it will get better with time!

~PJ said...

The selling agent of the house Im in love with hasnt called my agent back in two days!


Im bummed to have only just yesterday discovered blog angels, what a great way to bless one another! Maybe next time!

Alyx said...

I like your optimism. The last thing on my mind would be cancer patients if I was that frustrated. The first thing on my mind would be the cost of a replacement window... after I debated throwing my machine out of one.

Rue said...

I am new to your blog, and I think your bloggy book club concept is AWESOME. I am so down for your next read . . . .just please pick something available via Kindle!

A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

Hahaha! Soooo many times I have wanted to write a ranting post, but since my goal is to offer encouragement, I don't rant (on my blog that is). Now that I could share something..... Yeah, I pulling a blank :)
Oh well, happy Friday!


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