Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Rant - Week One!

It's my first ever Wednesday rant and boy am I looking forward to a good old moan. I love a good old 'vent' and once I get it all out there, usually it disappears and I am much more cheerful. I really hope Anja makes this a link-up - I know I am a prime candidate!

So this week, and mainly today, I am miffed that:
1. My creative projects never look as good in real life as I imagine in my head. It totally sucks that my head is more advanced than my crafting ability.
2. I get new insect bites everyday, yet I never see, feel, hear, or sense any insects near me. Leave my legs alone!
3. That people are too afraid to ask for help when they need it. It's not a sign of weakness folks!
4. That I feel lost without my phone. I'm officially someone I used to mock.
5. It's too cold. Let's strike a deal weather - if the sun is out it has to be warm....o.k?

I'm going to stop there; although I am just getting started! What's bugging you today? Leave a comment and let me know what's cheesing you off, getting your goat, or pulling your chain.

I already feel a little bit better.
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Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

Oh my goodness, I love this! My rant is why don't people actually yield at yield signs? A yield sign is not optional. YIELD PEOPLE!!!

Allie said...

Allie said...

Wow ranting sounds so appealing to me right now, I've been super cranky the past few days! I have to agree with you that my crafts are always better in theory than actual execution which is so depressing. Also, bugs love me and I never see/feel them bite me, I just end up with 10 bites at once! So annoying. Have a great Wednesday!

Bethany Lee said...

My rant? I hate teacher homework! I promise you that I do way more work than my students ever do. Ugh! By the way, am I still registering as a no reply blogger? I looked at my Google+ to fix it, but I didn't see where anything needed to be changed. :/

Jessica Peters said...

I love this idea of venting! Maybe a link up? :P

My rant today is that sometimes I just want to take a nap. No, I cannot get this done for you. I was supposed to go home two hours ago. No, I don't want to come do side work. I want to go home, curl up with my cat, and take a nap.

Why don't people want me well rested?!

Chelsea Lennox said...

Know what I goes my rant haha...I hate when people whine about people posting rants on their blog. It really annoys me. like I have seen other blogs that have made apology posts for posting about their pet peeves or ranting about things because people left negative comments.. LIKE SERIOUSLY!?!? It's your freakin blog.. rant all you please!!!

okay my rant is over. LOL.

Alyx said...

today? Im bugged that people feel like they need to argue on my status on facebook if they disagree with it. If you disagree, don't try to start a fight - that's so immature and just plain annoying.

Rebecca @ Herons Crafts said...

I like the idea of the ranting! I am having issues with housemates disrespecting the landlord and it all falling back on me. It is so annoying because I haven't done anything and there is nothing I can do about it!
Ha Rant Over! I like this ranting on a Wednesday idea! And I completely know what you mean about craft projects! Rebecca x

Adventures with Little man said...

I love this post! A good rant always makes you feel better :) And I agree, I never see the bugs that bite me.


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