Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday 10: What are my best memories of school?

School is an emotional thing to write about. I was a pretty big geek at school as a child and I am an even bigger one now as a classroom! Here's my Tuesday10 School Memories which I am linking up with Lena and myself today.


1. I don't have very many memories from starting school, but one of my earliest is when I became obsessed with searching for the wings of dead moths. They were trappen in cobwebs by the school and were like little flakes of silver and gold.  I am hoping I thought they were fairy wings!
2. I remember the day I had my braces taken off. I had pretty severe Bugs Bunny teeth as a youngster and a gap that would have received a public service warning in a train station. I had double braces for four years. They were removed right before my last school concert and it was so unusual I struggled to play my instruments.
3.  I have never laughed so hard as when I was 11 sitting in my school playground. At the time there was the delightful saying 'spamhead'. It had almost become an affectionate insult. Anyhoo, we were just sat on the floor when all of a sudden my friend ended up with a piece of ham stuck to her forehead. Don't worry it wasn't thrown on purpose; I think someone didn't like what was in their lunchbox!
4. Being a big old music nerd had its benefits and not the kind seen in American Pie (thank you very much!). I had so many music lessons and practices that I could avoid pretty much any tutor session I wanted.  By Year 9, we pretty much just sat in the music equipment cupboard and listened to indie music.
5. I discovered trampolining in Year 10. Well I didn't discover it...I think it existed before I first climbed on one. I joined an after school trampolining club. I loved the bouncing. I think this was the first voluntary sport I joined in with. This was mainly because I don't like all the social pressure of being in a proper sports team.
6. There were some pretty bad memories of school as well. I really struggled with maths at school. No, I lie, I struggled to do maths at speed at school. Give me 30 minutes and I could do what other people could in 15 minutes without too much help. Most of the time though I didn't get the extra time. The amount of frustrated  'I don't get it' maths tears probably beat all of the issues I had with boys over the same period. Seriously. I got an A though!
7. My first day back in school as an aspiring teacher was a totally exhilerating, terrifying, challenging and intense experience.  I went to do some work experience and the school strongly suggested I gave teaching a lesson a try in order to see if I REALLY wanted to teach.  I spent hours planning the lesson, but nothing prepared me for standing infront of 30 Year 8 students all looking to me for instruction.  At one point, looking at their pre-pubescent faces I thought I was going to Exorcist style hurl or pass out completely.
8. Luckily that has become much better. One of my fondest memories of teaching have come from being involved in a project called BBC School News Report. If you know the BBC tv channels then you will know what an honour it is to be allowed to be real, live, news-broadcasting folks for a day.  It is always a manic day involving numerous incidents of broken equipment, me losing my cool and the kids coming through every single time. The current news team interviewed my Olympic dad at the start of July. It was so sweet seeing them researching my pops on the internet and posing him some pretty tough questions.
9. I also love it when you get those little moments with students where all of the extra hours, obsessive planning, early mornings and late nights are worth while. When kids bake you a cake for your birthday, when they write you a note to say thank you or when they start to trust you and really achieve their potential. Helping a student raise their expectations for themselves is just about the biggest privilege anyone can have.
10. I will never forget every last day I have had in a school that I have taught in. Leaving children and colleagues you have really fought with to achieve the best results possible is just devastating. No teacher really enjoys leaving a school (even the REALLY dodgy ones), too many bonds are made and so much of your heart is shared. I have cried more than once infront of a group of students for this reason! And I'm not even embarassed. They are a little bit, but that's ok. Teenagers always are, aren't they? One lad in my tutorgroup asked me on a date when he was 18....apparently that was a totally acceptable request as he'd be 'legal'. I said no, obviously. Um, yuck! But you've got to admire his confidence, or worry about his mental health. One of them anyway!
So there you go, my 10 memories of school. I am still making them at the moment, so I had better get my butt to work. Don't forget to go and link up your Tuesday 10! I want to hear all about your school memories.

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Cocalores said...

Awwww, what a cute post! Even though I have to admit I'd have been the first to run away squeaking while you played with the "fairy wings" ;-) I still remember my first school day with my pink, banda bear covered Schultüte (that cardboard cone filled with school goodies) - I don't really remember my last school lessons, though. It was such a whirlwind of exams and organizing that this is totally erased from my memory. =) Funny that two linky parties almost have the same topic (-> my Monday post)! xo Anja

Alyx said...

I love this! I was a band nerd, too, so you're not alone!


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