Friday, September 7, 2012

I've never been attracted to the 'bad' guy - Fallen Week 3

If you are reading from the link-up you might be expecting a shot of Colin Firth as Mr Darcy - who am I to deprive you of that one?
I don't know about  you, but I read 'Pride & Prejudice' before I even entered senior school. I loved Classic literature (mainly because I had literally read the entire junior reading section in the local library). As you might imagine, as a 9 year old, I didn't spend an awful time wrapped in the romance, deciding between Darcy and Wickham. I liked the ribbons, dresses and balls.
When the BBC series came out, I was nearly a teenager. With my new hormones and the entirely fictitious scene where he falls in the lake, I started to 'get' the book a bit more. I can't even count the number of times I have read this novel since then. One thing has never changed though - it has always been about Mr Darcy.
Mr Darcy is, as you know, through most of the book the most arrogant, closed person. At one time I really LIKED this. I had a habit for thinking morons with 'confidence' were attractive. Maybe I can blame Austen for this as Darcy turns out a good-un' in P&P, but in real life they mainly haven't.
Now I just want a Mr Darcy at the end of the book - kind, warm and loyal. Lucky for me, I found him already (insert smug smile here).
I never understood Wickham's charm. His manners were too easy. He was tooo smooth. He wanted to be liked overly much. I never even really bought the fact that he was treated badly by Darcy. It seemed too convenient to the plot.
Anyhoo, I guess it's time to link this rambling to our current discussion question for the week:
 As in many great love stories, there are two men competing for Luce's attention, who do you think she should go for? Which character is more intriguing for you?

At the start, Luce is attracted and interested in both Daniel and Cam. I find it a little quick that she somehow has the capacity to fancy two boys at once when her boyfriend has just died. I think it might be because I'm not an adolescent anymore and compounded by as many hormones.

LK developed both male characters really well. So well in fact I didn't really
realise that Cam was as dangerous as he turned out to be. She, unlike Austen with Wickham managed to put me off my trail. 
However, it was pretty obvious from the start that Daniel would always have Luce's heart. Austen made it seem like Elizabeth would NEVER get Darcy. Instead the relationship between Luce and Daniel was on a collision course from the moment he 'flipped her the bird' on first sight.  He ticked many of mysterious boy features required for a chosen lover: rude, distant, unpredictable, gorgeous.
But Luce is no Elizabeth Bennett and therefore the conflict between her and Daniel remained largely one sided. I did wonder when she started to stalk him if this was going to become a little bit of a teen obsession rather than love.  However, when it became apparent she was made to fall in love with him, it started to make more sense.
So, this isn't quite the traditional love rivalry that one might hope would stimulate an exciting rivalry. Luce never really had Cam in her heart and as such the competition between him and Daniel was over by about Chapter 6.  Maybe someone should have told Cam!
For you to find out what happens next, well you'll just have to read along.  Check out any other posts that were linked up here. And remember, it's never too late to join in!

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