Friday, September 7, 2012

Is this the next Mr Darcy vs Mr Wickham in Literature? Book Club Week 3

If the title of this post means nothing to you, then you won't have read 'Pride and Prejudice'....or seen Bridget Jones. But if you imagine for a second the choice between Colin Firth and Hugh Grant, you might just about understand the dilemma this character has got herself into...

Week three of Book Club starts today. We're reading 'Fallen' by Lauren Kate. From this week onwards all Book Club link-ups will be on a Friday.
If you are new to Book Club, read here to find out a lot more about it and see what's been happening in previous weeks.
For those of you not new, the discussion question this week is:
As in many great love stories, there are two men competing for Luce's attention, who do you think she should go for? Which character is more intriguing for you?

Link up your posts here:
Next week's discussion questions (Friday 14th September) are:
Luce's experiences with the shadows start to become more frightening in Chapter 10. As an action sequence, how did you find the disaster in the library?
Daniel reveals himself in Chapter 11 - how surprised were you by this revelation? 

I can't wait to see what you think!

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