Sunday, September 16, 2012

Craft Fair Progress and a Fuzzy Head

I thought I'd hit this point in the evening and be able to enjoy writing my Sunday craft update. Unfortunately, my head is banging and I am fuzzy. I thought I had 'ventilated' my workspace enough with the extra-strong craft glue I was using; but clearly didn't. I was initially just impressed I finished using it without gluing myself to the table! I should come with a craft warning!
I DO however, have something to update you on. I finally have something to sell at the school annual Craft Fair and hopefully people will want to buy it so I can make a lot of money for Pancreatic Cancer UK. I'm not pretending that I am doing anything overly original  - but I am using it as an opportunity to try out crafts I have seen and loved online.
 (Scrabble Art & Scrabble Magnets)
If you're new to the Blog then you'll want to read this and this to read a bit more about what I am doing and why I am raising money for a Pancreatic Cancer charity. Needless to say, it's something that I feel really strongly about and that's probably why I am so nervous about the outcome this time. Not only am I trying to sell things I have made, I desperately want to raise over £200 to match what I got for the charity run I did in May.
I want to make more word-based art and items related to school to represent my love of all things literary and writing. Do you guys know of any crafts that combine these ideas which I could add to my personal range?
I have a LOT of pencil cases ready to sew, some keyring making materials on the way to use up my third set of Scrabble tiles and want to create some printables. Hopefully you'll start to see them appearing in this Sunday update soon! For now, me and my fuzzy head need a cup of tea and a bath.

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Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

Hey Rosie, those look great! How about some stuff using book pages? That might go with your theme. Good luck and keep after it!

Breenah said...

That's awesome that you're doing that. I love Scrabble crafts.

Alyx said...

Rosie, these are awesome! I absolutely love them!!

Myranda said...

I LOVE these. I have always seen these things with Scrabble tiles and wanted to try :)

Alicia Lomas said...

I love that sign with the cider, beer, cheers... So adorable.

Quirktastic Adventures

Cocalores said...

My blog reader seems to be eating your posts - I keep missing them. Argh!
Love the magnets, they're so much fun! And I can't wait to see your pencil cases and keyrings. (To be honest, I haven't done anything yet with the craft supplies we bought together in August - shame on me!) x

Ang said...

I just love these - super cute! Anytime you'd like me to feature your stuff on my site, I'd be up for a giveaway :)

Lieke said...

This is awesome!!! Love it! It also makes a great gift for my friend who just moved to a new house. I never liked scrabbel until I won twice from my boyfriend during our vacation :)))


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