Friday, September 28, 2012

Book Club Week 6: Have you Fallen for 'Fallen'? Plus our next title

We've reached the last week of this round of Book Club. So it's goodbye to Fallen by Lauren Kate and hello to (drum roll or something):
The Guilty One by Lisa Ballyntyne.
We're going to start reading and discussing this book on Friday 12th October and as it's a slightly shorter novel than we've been used to, we'll read it over 5 weeks rather than 6. I'll be back next week on 5th October with all of our discussion questions and the schedule. I hope that you guys will be able to join in this round.
Every round, I giveaway an advertising space for my top Book Club reader. It was quite hard this time as I had two awesome ladies who took part in the whole thing. So, because it was too hard to decide between them, I've decided to offer both of them the prize! Thanks Brighton and Karen! Please drop me an email so I can send you the link to my sponsorship page.
So here are our final questions for this week's link up:
  • When Luce finally gets some answers from Daniel, how interested were you by this plot development?
  • As the book rushes to a dramatic conclusion, what are your thoughts on the end of the book? Will you go on to read the other three novels?

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Karen said...

The Guilty One is not available in the US until March 2013 :(

Rue said...

I even voted for this title before realizing I wouldn't actually be able to purchase the book because I'd be paying via a US account! Oh well, I will join in the book club the next time around.

Alyx said...

AHHHHH. Same as the other two. I didn't realize I wouldn't be able to read it!

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