Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blog Angels Sign-Up is live on Saturday! Find out more today.

You might have heard the name 'Blog Angels' popping up all over your social media over the last few months and wondered, what ARE they going on about?
Blog Angels is run here at Craftbotic. Every two months 100 bloggers get the opportunity to help each other out, build friendships and community in the Blogosphere.
The principle is easy. By signing up to be a Blog Angel you are promising to help another blogger for a whole month.  The least you need to do is comment twice a week on their blog, but the possibilities to do more is endless.
In the first two rounds of Blog Angels we had people commenting, guest-posting, giving social media shout outs, new blog design features and warm words of encouragement. Some people swapped addresses and sent little packages. The choices are endless.
So what's the catch? Well, it's all done in secret. For this round, things are changing slightly. Here are all of the details:
1. Sign up is on 15th September. The form you fill in can be found at here, but also on these sites:
 2. The form is slightly more detailed to help with the matching process. It still takes less than 5 minutes to complete though.
3. The project will start on 1st October and will be secret for the first two weeks. This will allow you to get to know your blogger, build up a relationship and start to act to help them. You would need to as a minimum comment twice a week on their blog.
4. After two weeks you link up a 'reveal' post at Craftbotic on 15th October.
5. You can then communicate with your blogger and give them more specific help, build friendships and develop your role. This is the newest part of the project and came out of a long conversation with the angel regulars.
6. On the 31st October you write a 'reflection' post reviewing your experience of Blog Angels and what you achieved with your Blog Angel.
It's pretty simple. These small steps will help you to be part of growing community of bloggers who care.
On a serious note, there is always a 'drop off' of Blog Angels. Those folk who get busy and disappear. Apart from being incredibly uncool, it is completely unnecessary. Please make sure you have time to help out in October BEFORE signing up. If life gets crazy you just need to email and let me know. Orphaned bloggers can then be reassigned.  In Blog Angels the only thing you are guaranteed is the opportunity to help some-one else.
What an amazing opportunity that is! The first 100 people to sign-up before 25th September will be taking part. We all hope that it will include you!

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FrugalFoodieMama said...

Awwwww... what a great idea! But how do you know if you qualify as an angel or a recipient of an angel? I am not exactly sure where I would fall. But, I love this! :)

Jenn @ My Not So Glamorous Life said...

Sounds fun! I want in on it!

Shar Martinez said...

Thanks for this informative post!! Can't wait!! :D

♥ Shar

Angie Hales said...

I have the same question as frugal foodie mama above. Should I just sign up and see what happens?

Chelsea Melrose said...

I'm wondering the same thing Angie and Frugal...sounds like an awesome opportunity though!

Rebecca @ Herons Crafts said...

I can't wait! xxx

Catherine Denton said...

This is a genius idea!! How inventive and encouraging.
Catherine Denton

ramsaygrace said...

I love this idea and am so glad to have finally gotten more information on it. I kept seeing it all over the Internet, but never knew what it was. Definitely signing up!

Jen @ frazzled 5 said...

Cannot wait for 9/15- gotta get the form filled out and submitted:)
Much Love, Jen

Cait said...

I'd love to help! Where is the form so I can fill it out :)

Cocalores said...

I took part last time and loved it. So to anyone who is wondering if they qualify or should take part: Yes, you really should! You don't have to do a lot (leaving some really nice comments every couple of days is the minimum, but that's really not hard, right?), but you can do as much as you like: write about the person on your blog, link to them, twitter about them, send them stuff... The best thing is that you'll find a great new blog to follow!

holli said...

Will it be avialable in the morning? I want to be sure to sign up.

Zena said...

Oh... Love the idea, I will sign up. Thanks!!

gina defraia said...

How do I sign up? I am not seeing the form?

Ana G said...

Sounds great, and what a wonderful way to help others. I'm in x

Anissa said...

This sounds awesome...I signed up and can't wait to help out. I am your newest follower.
Anissa from Chasing Hailey


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