Friday, September 14, 2012

An Action Packed Book Review for an Action Packed Week!

It's unusual for me to write a short response to the weekly question. Honestly, I am so exhausted this week I can barely form a sentence! We went on a school trip on Monday to Stratford Upon Avon - the birthplace of William Shakespeare. We were lucky enough to do a workshop run by the Royal Shakespeare Company before seeing their production of 'Much Ado About Nothing' in the evening. I had a bunch of fun and loved the modern 'Indian' take on the play. The 1am return to school....not so much!
This week has been a bit mad. I can't believe my post about Tribes got such an awesome response. I am still working my way through replying to all of the comments. If you missed the information on the Blog Angel sign up which opens tomorrow, then check this out. It seems lots of people don't want to miss this round and it looks to be an exciting time for the project.  Thanks for making a very sleepy Rosie smile.
So on to the questions! Or even my goes:
Luce's experiences with the shadows start to become more frightening in Chapter 10. As an action sequence, how did you find the disaster in the library?
I loved this sequence and liked it even better the second time round. The atmosphere in the library from the outset was definitely altered and it seemed like as Luce came closer to knowing about Daniel the more danger she was in. I wondered for a while what Luce's shadows might be a metaphor for, but then decided that they are entities in their own right and that's what started to freak me out.
I'm pretty much a full on wuss when it comes to anything remotely supernatural.  So as soon as the fire started and the chase began, my heart genuinely pumped a bit faster. I'm still not 100% sure if this is a compliment to the writing or my lameness. Despite it being fairly obvious that Luce would survive the attack (there is a whole series) it became increasingly obvious that we'd start to learn a bit more about what was going on. This was very welcome as the mystery was starting to go on a bit too long.
Daniel reveals himself in Chapter 11 - how surprised were you by this revelation? 
I wasn't that surprised. She'd mentioned enough about his special 'glow' and there had been so many deep set hints about the fall from heaven that it was only a matter of time before they showed his wings. If you read it all again, there are so many clues you'll be surprised it didn't hit you in the face with a shovel.  From this point I just really wanted the back story, but sadly this didn't appear for a while. It is worth hanging in there for though! Well, I think so anyway.
I look forward to your link-ups this week. I can't wait to chill out and just do some reading! 

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Brighton Joy said...

I enjoyed the library sequence. A lot of the other parts of the story seemed a little slow but the author did this story very well.

I want the back story too! I'm liking the story even as the characters are driving me crazy.

Cocalores said...

Have never been to Stratford, really have to go someday! But we've been to a workshop at the Globe Theatre in London. We did some Romeo and Juliet scenes. Really cool! I hope it was worth all the stress and everyone liked the trip! =)

Karen said...

I really liked the library scene as well. I"m almost finished book 4! I would have linked up this week, but of course, I posted this one last week by accident :)


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