Thursday, August 9, 2012

What's my Style?

If you asked my best friend to describe my style she couldn't define it in one word. Whenever we go shopping, I'll point out a dress and she would say: "That's very Rosie". She's not being rude, but it roughly translates as "You would wear that, but most people probably wouldn't"

I never thought I had a style. I sometimes like to go with fashion, but prefer to pick up the style the year afterwards when everyone else is moving on. I go from loving wearing greys/silvers all the way through to bright, bold patterns.

Whenever I go on holiday it's a bit of a nightmare; there is no 'capsule' in my wardrobe. Instead it's stuffed with massively different patterns and colours, my suitcase left busting at the seams.

Now this may shock you, but I am not very cool. I was in the geek 'brigade' at school. I learnt quite quickly that I didn't really care what other people thought of me. I'm still a massive geek, a ginormous proud one. I don't mind that I am not 'in fashion' or of the moment. I just wear what I like, when I like no matter how ridiculous others may think I look.

Here is a small selection of the items I have rocked in the last week or so:
See, there's no pattern. If you add in the fact I love wearing shorts (yes, even in winter), have about 30 different dresses  (all patterned) and translate my love of bright colours all the way down to my becomes even more confusing. 

So to define my style, I guess its "Very Rosie" and do you know what? That's just about fine with me. 

How would you define your style? Heck, how would you define mine?

Would love to hear from you.



Allie said...

I love that you define your style simply as "Rosie," that's fantastic because style should be a personal thing. Like you, I'm not sure how I'd define my own, besides being "Allie"-- I like ruffles and bows, but not too many, and I also like classic pieces, and comfort. I think what I buy when I'm shopping varies depending on the day and what kind of mood I'm in. Great post, and btw I LOVE those owl earrings!

PitterAndGlink said...

I think you're rockin' all the looks!

Jenn @ My Not So Glamorous Life said...

I have no style, LOL! Whatever I think is cute, and if it's cheap. So I guess my style is Jenn, LOL!
I think your style is cute, I like it :)

AguiLeon said...

your rock lol, btw im new follower GFC #337

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

I love all those outfits! Especially the first one!

Alyx said...

Oooh, I like that - simply rosie. I'm gonna copy you and say that mine is "simply alyx."

RedRoseVintage said...

Hi there! I'm following you from the Return the Favor blog hop. Stop by and visit soon.
xo Sandra

British Randomness said...

I love your style, and I would say mine is the same, as in, I don't have a style, if I like something I'll wear it. I tend to wear the same outfits over and over (You could say I'm an "OUTFIT REPEATER! :-P)

Have a beautiful day


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