Thursday, August 23, 2012

What Makes Me Comment on Your Blog?

I don't know about you, but I probably follow at least 200 blogs on GFC, follow others on Hello Cotton and more on Blog Lovin'. It's pretty clear that I can't visit all of them every would take  a year to comment on one or two a day on rotation. 

Hell, I don't always have time to even visit blogs on a daily basis. Every single blog I have followed has been because I am interested in the content I saw there. It might have been a specific tutorial, feature, linky party or style of writing that attracted me, but attracted I was, so I clicked follow.
Every week, I probably visit about 50 different blogs - some of them multiple times to check out their content. About 10 of those blogs I make it my business to read on a regular basis. I'm guaranteed a great read! Who wouldn't go back for that? 

Every blog I visit, I comment on.  I make it my business to - I kinda feel like they spent time writing a post so they deserve a bit of love back.  So what is it that makes me visit a blog and what makes me stay long enough to make a comment?
So in no particular order!

1. Personality
How many times have you been onto a new blog and the style of writing, content, feel of the place gives you a strange sense of deja vu? Or you think to yourself: "What would this person be like in real life?" And then there is a long pause in your head because there is absolutely no sense of personality on the blog. It might be a beautiful blog with all of the right features, but you can't tell from the writing that the person is an absolute sweetheart or funny enough to make you pee your pants. Likewise, there is NOTHING personal in what they are writing. I don't need to know bra sizes people - I just want to know you. Your opinions on what's going on around you? What you have been up to? Your ideas, your creativity SOMETHING.

2. Questions
If you ask some questions in your post I am not stuck thinking of a way to comment. If you open a conversation with me, I'll jump straight in!

3. People who visit my blog and comment!
I don't know if other people do this, but I make it an absolute point to read the blogs of people who visit me. I am always so excited that people write comments to me - I just can't wait to get to know them better. I have found some really awesome blogs this way.  Now, if I got 25 comments per post, this might be a little unrealistic - but I would still try to visit people at least once a week. Or at least that is what I would hope I would do.

4. Twitter
If you tell me you have written something on your blog via Twitter - and you grab my attention I'll read.
In fact, it's a welcome relief from all of the giveaway announcements and sponsor shout outs (which I am totally guilty of also). Like I said, it's hard to keep track of all of the blogs I follow and sometimes I need a nudge in your direction. So Twudge away!

I also would love it if you would @craftboticq any posts you know I'll like. What do I like? Books, music, fashion, craft, cooking, have a good chance that I'll read it and love it!

5. Blog Lovin'
I'm loving Blog Lovin' right now. I get a nice neat summary of all new posts that I need to read sent to my email address. I read my email every-morning, so there's a great chance that I could be reading your blog when I wake up. That's if I follow you of course. I usually follow blogs I have already commented on a number of times this way. It means your content comes to me.
6. No Word Verification
If I am at home and need to fill in the word verification to write a comment, I usually will even though I hate it. But on my phone, it is actually impossible. You can turn this off via your Settings/Comments. I urge you to. The Spam filter in Blogger is pretty good and I have had no trouble (touch wood) so far with leaving mine off.


7. Regular Content
Sometimes it's nice to have a feature to look out for and a set day it is on. This doesn't mean every day should be completely regulated. I would be big old hypocrite if  I expected that. Sometimes it might be a link-up which I like to join, but mostly if I know you post on Wednesdays and Saturdays, that's when I'll visit your blog.

8. Catchy titles and Great Viewable Photos.
 If chocolate were advertised in the same way that some blog posts are named, I wouldn't ever buy it.  The title would probably be "This tastes nice" or "You can eat me".  Literal, huh? But chocolate isn't called to be 'literal' it's there to entice. I like a good 'Twist' or 'Galaxy' when I'm feeling down. So if you have a guest post, or are showing me your holiday photos try and hook me with your title and for goodness sake, make sure my increasingly deteriorating eyes can see your photos. My post today has the most literal name ever - but maybe if you've read this far, you were generally interested in the answer. Questions rock!

What makes you comment on a post? Do you have any tips for people trying to get more comments?
(I am imagining that this post will now get no comments - oh the tragic irony!)



Karen said...

My list is similar to yours. I scroll through blogger and read the titles and summaries and click on any that catch my eye. I also have a few "must reads" daily. I also try to visit and comment on everyone's blog who comments on mine.

Missy Adams said...

Hopefully i am already doing everything right, there is always room for improvements. great list hun. I too comment on peoples blogs that i read as i feel they spent their time writing so its only fair i post a comment. The word verification does my head in too, it takes ages! I know im not a robot lol. i always try to ask questions at the end of my posts to engage others, plus i am a people person and like socializing. keep up the great writing hun x

p.s sarcastic face haha, you are just as bad at pulling faces as me lol, when i do my angry face ppl laugh at me, i guess im just too nice to be scary lol

Kristine Foley said...

Great post! I agree with everything you said! Word verification KILLS me! If it boots me sometimes even ONCE that's enough to make me not want to leave my beloved comment I spent time on writing. Such a pain, especially now where they added numbers too! WTHECK! Thanks for a great post!

Leigh-Ellen said...

Great list and I LOVE the word TWUDGE. I want to use that in daily life and see if anyone notices. I can't believe at this point there still people who use the verification. It makes me want to weep.

Allie said...

I think writing about comments is a sure fire way to receive comments! Like you, I always make it a point to visit the blogs of those who comment on my own; I've found a lot of really great people this way, and I love knowing that someone is reading what I'm putting out there. I'm also drawn to writing style and photography or graphic elements that catch my eye.

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

These are all really good points. I spend a lot of time commenting on blogs. Sometimes I comment because I like the project. Sometimes it's because NO ONE commented and I can't stand that someone put effort into something that's pretty good and they haven't received one comment. I comment the most on the ones that are funny and that I enjoy reading. I think it takes great talent to blog about a craft,recipe or DIY AND be funny. I also leave comments of gratitude on posts that inform me of tips and advice regarding blogging. I love "news I can use". Which brings me to this comment. I'm not engaging people with any questions on my blog. Such an easy thing to do and yet I haven't done it. Thank you for that simple suggestion.

FrugalFoodieMama said...

Yes, yes, and yes on all counts! Word verification is the devil. And sometimes bloggers really don't realize that they have it turned on! If it is a blog I really like, then I might leave them a comment or shoot them a quick tweet to let them know they have it turned on. 100% of the time that I have done that, they had NO idea that it was on and were totally mortified and turned it off right away. So, don't be afraid to let bloggers know that they have word verification on- they may be very thankful that you did! :)
Your post is finally inspiring me to check out Blog Lovin'. I keep meaning to anyways... ;)
Great post! Thanks for sharing, dear!

Laura said...

Great post. I agree. I dont understand why people need word verification. I have bad eyes and it takes me a few times to get it usually.

Amy - while wearing heels said...

What an interesting post. I was immediately drawn in by your title...fitting since that was one of your reasons for visiting and commenting on other people's blogs. I nodded in agreement with nearly all of your points...sadly, I am not on Twitter :(. I love the blogging etiquette of trying to repay the favor of visiting bloggers that take the time to comment on your blog. There are so many blogs and so little time, so it's nice to know a blogger would take time to return the favor. Anyways, thanks for an interesting read this morning.

Katlyn Larson said...

This is an awesome post Rosie! I try to do all the same things that you are talking about besides using Bloglovin' and Hellocotton to their full potential.. I just simply go through may list on Google each morning and click on the posts that catch my eye. I do think it's REALLY important to have a creative title and pictures that are fun and clear.

Checking out the blogs who have visited and commented you is a must in my eyes.. I have commented on several occasions to people blogs and never hear anything back. As a blogger I know that they like the comments, but as the commenter it's like okay well they suck now!

Well I like this so I'm gonna put a pin on it! :)


Breenah said...

One thing I'm proud of is how my post titles are sometimes wacky and never really basic. I like this list :D

Tonna @ Navy Wifey Peters/USS Crafty said...

I agree with everything you wrote here! I enjoy reading blogs that are full of personality (and have a cute layout). I also hate word verification, but I'll do it... :-)

Breonna said...

I'm here from the meet & tweet! I've been trying to be a better blogger by being a better commenter. I do like when people ask questions and try to make sure I at least have something at the end of my post that will prompt a comment.
I'm new to Bloglovin but I already love it so much more than Google reader.
I also like to connect with people through twitter so I get an even better idea of who they are. That would make me want to read MORE of their blog.

Rebecca D. Dillon said...

Love this article. I also hate word verification especially since I can't them half the time. Therefore I don't use it. Plus blogger does a much better job of catching spam now that it used to so spam slipping through is so rare. On my own blog I try to ask questions at the end of every article to engage the reader. And I have really been working on putting my own personality into posts though sometimes it's tough. I found you via hellocotton. :)

Jenn @ My Not So Glamorous Life said...

This is a fabulous post! Thanks for sharing your view on the topics :)
And seriously, I couldn't agree more re: word verification.

Megan Cavanagh said...

This is great for someone like me who is new to blogging and trying to learn what things to do to gain readers/get comments! I'm still working on many of the things you mentioned but I'm trying!!! Love your blog, lady!


Cocalores said...

You're spot on - these are also the things I watch out for. Sometimes when I find a cool new blog I like, I tend to comment on several posts (even though that might look very stalker-y, right?) right away. And I do hate word verification. Seriously. I first I didn't quite get why everybody was so annoyed by that, but today I have tried ten times (no exaggeration!!) to comment on this one post, and turns out, I'm a robot and they don't want my comment =( I guess they'll never see me again. xo Anja

Kassi Mortensen said...

All good information to know!! :) I hear ya on the word verification... if you have it, I just click away.

Jessica said...

Great topic. It is really difficult to keep up with all the great blogs out there, especially when growing a blog. Besides the blogs I visit daily and those I check out via Twitter reminders or Facebook, sometimes comments are a good reminder to go return some blog love.

I also HATE word verification, but I deal with it when leaving comments because not everyone is there yet. ;)

Alyx said...

I think I'm just going to leave this [somewhat] short and sweet and throw out a "ditto" to every single one of these points and call it good. :)

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