Saturday, August 18, 2012

Things are Changing...

In the context of the billions of changes going on worldwide right now, what I am going to share with you today is not probably that significant. But don't you find that personal changes seem to be so much more important?

My relationship with change hasn't always been that good. I am a bit stubborn. I like to do things the 'Rosie' way (read lists, spreadsheets, research and properly). I don't really follow a crowd. And best of all, I am not bothered that I am like this.

Despite what probably seems like 'control freak' behaviour to many people, I am actually pretty easy going, collaborative and love working with other people. In fact, you could say that I am obstinately social. Take Blog Angels as an example - I love how a small community of like-minded bloggers are joining together and making friends. I love being a part of this group and all of the opportunities for writing lists, colour-coded spreadsheets and chatting it gives me.

For those of you who are not aware, Blog Angels is a project I started with Katlyn at The Dreamy Meadow. We co-hosted this together as well as a book club.

 But as the post would suggest things have changed a bit. Katlyn has made some changes to her blog and started school, so just doesn't have the time to organise these projects with me anymore. I am so pleased for her that she has made the changes she needs to for her life. I can't wait to read what she gets up to. Of course, I will miss her involvement and support - but we're buds so I know she'll always be about.

Anyway it means I am going it solo.

But not quite completely on my own.  I have a 50 strong group of Blog Angels supporting me and some dedicated book group gals giving me tons of moral support.

Book Club will now run (after next Tuesday) every Friday for 6 weeks at a time. We're reading 'Fallen' by Lauren Kate. To join in, you just have to read the book and come and link up your thoughts on what's going on. Every week we look at a different question.  There's a Facebook group too, which is a great way for an informal chat.  You read at your own pace. So if you finish in one evening or need the whole 6 weeks that's absolutely fine.

Blog Angels will continue as usual in October. The sign up will open on 15th September and you will be able to come here and fill in the short form to take part. I am just chatting with some of my Blog Angels who are also going to host the form for me so that we can grow the project and therefore the positivity in Blog land. I'll let you know who they are in September.

In perspective, these changes might not seem that revolutionary. But change doesn't always have to be massive to affect someone and not just in a negative way.

As I've grown up (and I am still in the process of growing), I have become a bit better at managing change. I have had to be as I continue to push myself to try new things. I am constantly having new ideas and discovering new passions which I have a lot of fun doing. 

If you'd said to me 2 years ago that I would have been on an Outward Bound trip, run 5000m for charity, have a long-distance relationship, have a blog, be studying German and working in an all girl's school - I probably would have peed myself laughing.

But the thing is, change is quite normal. And while there appears to be a lot of fretting about change in the Blogging community, I can't help but think that people, society, life is meant to evolve. That where we have the freedom to change, develop and grow, we will. And what is most exciting is when you have the privilege of seeing people change and flourish. 

And that's what  I think about that.

I have a random project floating around my head at the moment and would like collaborators. If you want to know more...please email me!



Breenah said...

I'm the same way. I only like change if it's Breenah led change.

Alyx said...

Oh, man! You are going to be super busy, but you're a champ, so I know you can handle it! Good luck!!

Nicole said...

I love this! Good for you, embracing change and growing amazing projects! :) You're an amazing lady and I'm so excited for you.

Cocalores said...

Change is good! (Otherwise we'd still be pooping our pants *g*) I'm sure you'll easily tackle this change with your positive attitude!! Since this is the opportunity for a well-deserved pat on the back: You rock! xo Anja

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