Saturday, August 4, 2012

So, I made this...

I wanted to make myself a bracelet as a measure of support for my pops who is an Olympic official (read more about that awesomeness here.) So I made this:

There's a different bead for each Olympic colour. The 'Q' represents my family name....and my dad.

I will be wearing it with pride for all of the athletic events. I didn't do a tutorial...if you want some instructions on how to do it, shoot me a comment below and I will try and break down the steps!

I'm really looking forward to doing lots more craft this summer - after all that craft fair isn't going to prepare for itself! I spent a lot  too much on craft supplies this week, but will hopefully be making something heaps pretty, or at least salable, soon. 

Are you enjoying the Olympics so far? Not bothered? Already switched off?

I'd love to hear from you,



Cocalores said...

Loved it already when I saw it! Are you going to make a tutorial for it? xo Anja

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Nice! Ya I am loving the Olympics! I was a competitive swimmer growing up so I am very much into it! :-)

Alyx said...

How fun!
We've had the olympics on pretty much constantly over here!

Julie said...

This is a great little bracelet. I love it! :)


Sassy Lemonade said...

Very Cute Bracelet!

<3 it!

Rebecca @ Herons Crafts said...

This is so cute! Saw on Twitter you were watching the Athletics - I cannot get enough of it...looking forward to more events tonight! x

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