Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh jeeeeez...please don't let this be a historical novel...

'Fallen' by Lauren Kate (and the subsequent 3 books) are a great read. Unlike 50 shades of blah, I pretty much devoured the books in a week. If you haven't read them, you should. And if you are going to...you should join in with book club (shameless plug!)

The question this week is nice and easy to answer. I always start a book and have quite strong thoughts about how I think it's going to go turn out. As I must finish every book I start, this can sometimes result in some pretty disappointing experiences. However, I try and keep an open mind and there are only two books in the whole world I can't understand the hype for. (I'm talking literature here as opposed to pop fiction...there's plenty of that I don't understand!)

Right so the question is:
What was your reaction to the prologue? Did it successfully whet your appetite for more?

My reactions to the prologue occurred in roughly this order:
1. Oh jeeeeez....please don't let this be a historical novel...
2. Or another 'surprise I'm a vampire' novel....
3. Hmmmmmmm this romance seems promising
4. ....but of course they can't be together...
5. Why are the shadows moving?
6. Where'd she go?

As you can see, whenever I read a book, the literary analysis is just superb!  Let me clarify a few of these points. I don't 'per se' have anything against historical novels - Philippa Gregory writes really well and introduces English history to people in a really accessible way - I just don't necessarily care too much about it I guess. Harsh but true.

I don't really have anything against 'Twilight'. I should have read the series by now so I can understand why the girls I teach love it so much, but I can't bring myself to. The first half of the first film was so dry and boring (insert Edward Cullen 'stare' here), that I was put off the idea of reading it. I know books are usually better than films, but seriously, how bad is this book for the film to turn out THAT awfully?

I do love a well written romance. We all know the formula - forbidden love, competing lovers, secrets, twists, marriages, deaths. And I love it, providing the characters are well developed and believable.

By keeping the character's names secret, LK created a pretty good amount of mystery and intrigue about the characters and really they could belong to any number of texts, making it quite timeless.

Having read the rest of the series, you would not believe the amount of foreshadowing in the Prologue and the rest of the books. All of the hints and details used are very subtle, so when you re-read the book it all clicks into place much better. I like reading with the knowledge of what's happening, as you can then geek out on the style and method of the writer.....just me on that one? O.K then! 

So did it make me want to read more. Um, yup. I read it all on the same day. Incidentally while sun-bathing and drinking iced tea.

Have you read the book yet?  What's your all time favourite 'love story'? Can you stomach the whole 'Twilight thing?' What should I read next?



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