Friday, August 3, 2012

Meet the Blog Angels: Week One!

I am really excited to introduce you to some of the lovely ladies who signed up to be Blog Angels in August. As I am enjoying my summer holidays, I actually have the time to feature these lovely ladies. The fact they have signed up means they are friendly bloggers, so get to know them a bit better, visit a bit, and say hello. They aren't my sponsors...they haven't paid me any money. I just really like them and I think you will too.

I'm Amanda and I'm the gal behind Bullfrogs and Bulldogs {and the randoms of country life}. I live in the heart of the Willamette Valley in Oregon on our family vineyard, Omero Cellars, and our small farm full of our furry little family members of goats, sheep, chickens, dogs and an orange cat named Oliver. I'm a stay at home wife who spends my time helping with the family business, working in our massive garden, fixing up our 1970's home, and exploring new yummy vegan and gluten free recipes. I'd love for you to stop by and say hi sometime. You never know what you may find on the blog!

Random Fact: I put hot sauce on almost everything. Seriously. Tapatio, Sriracha, Cholula, Tabasco, you name it! The hotter the better!


My blog is based on my unhealthy obsession with my Yorkie Dexter Morgan. His life with me and his Papa-Ry-guy. Our adventures, excessive amount of Dexter photos, nail polish, blog swaps,  and our big move back to Minnesota. The best reason to visit my blog is to see for yourself how cute Dexter is. 

Random Fact: I have a huge fear of Jello. 


Hi, I'm Aimee. I'm 20 and write about life, my love of my fur baby, managing a long distance relationship, going to school full time and working full time. I hope you can follow along with me in this journey called life!

Random Fact: I'm highly obsessed with school supplies this time of year! I could have post it's everywhere and I must always have a super cute planner!
Miss Information is a blog where food, fun and friends come together. It has a little bit about a lot including crafting, decorating, cleaning tips, and cooking. My friends call me "Miss Information" If you want to know where to get it, how to do it, or find it I am your girl!

Random Fact:  I owned a bridal shop for 5 years when I was in my 20's


Hi! My name is Celeste and I'm a crazy fun person :) I love to make people laugh and smile to forget about their stress and problems for a little while. Need a little break? Come visit me!

Random Fact: I'm a certified expanded-duty dental assistant but have had to put my career on hold until I get my Tourettes under control.

Next week meet more Blog Angels. Can you work out who is helping who? Whose blog did you connect with the best?

Thanks for reading.


Lieke said...

I am so going to check out these blogs!!!

Breenah said...

I love that you do this!

Alyx said...

Rosie, you are seriously so awesome for doing things like this. I mean, really.

JJ said...

ohhh thanks for having me on your blog. I really like the Blog Angels link-up.

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