Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August Food Adventures Part 2!

Last week, I shared with you guys my weekly meal plan and my desire need to eat more healthily. This was the grand plan (which of course I didn't quite stick too!) and all of the links to find the recipes.

So what did I think?
 Well, all in all, I was really pleased with the variety and balance of the meals. My out and out favourite though was the Pork & Couscous Stuffed Peppers. I ate those bad boys up with a load of yoghurt. Yum.

I was also surprised by Friday's dinner. Now this may come as a surprise (or's not that) weird, but I don't eat/like/like to eat rice. In the spirit of doing more of what is good for me, and loving the idea of sticking everything in a pan on a Friday, I made it AND ate it AND liked it. Yup.... who'd have thunk it. I added some extra spice to the dish though with half a teaspoon of turmeric and some garam masala. The idea of plain rice was just to icky for me to contemplate.

I didn't get the spicing right on the Tuesday soup. Watch the strength of your harissa I would say. Drinking milk and eating yoghurt afterwards because your insides are burning is not a great look. Unless it counts as a detox....which it might. Ha!

The pizza was also a bit of disaster. I got the dough stuck to my hands, then put too much tomato sauce on causing the middle to get sloppy. I gave up cooking it. Andi did a great rescue was quite and much healthier than a frozen option.

Here's what it all looked like:
Week 3 is slightly shorter as we are back at Andi's parents at the weekend where I won't be quite as healthy, but still enjoying yummy traditional German foods. On Wednesday, I'll be enjoying being cooked for - yup, Andi is busting out the Spanish foodie kit I made him for his birthday and making me some tapas. I'm a lucky gal, hey?!


I'll be testing this week's menu to see if it works with me not being at home so much. I hope so! I started summer language school on Monday and am finding my feet a bit and feeling quite old in comparison with the University students attending there. As one girl said on the welcome bar crawl (yup, I said bar crawl....) "Oh you're a teacher; you must be really old."

It was one stop away from the back away and smile of the other youngsters. My only source of comfort right now is that they will be 31 one day too....and well...that's it...hmmm.


Do you have a healthy recipe you could share with me or know of a really good blog/site that does? I'd love to have some help with coming up with week 4!



Lydia Criss Mays said...

Happy to be your newest follower via the GFC link up. :) Can't wait to come back and see more beautiful! LOVE these menus! I'm always so appreciative when others share their delicious ideas because I often dig around in my open fridge staring into an abyss.

Cocalores said...

I could eat some stuffed peppers right now, too! These look really yummy - I guess you're broadening your horizons to become an awesome certified food blogger now, aren't you? ;-)

xo Anja

PS A bar crawl?!? Very interesting!

PPS Be nice to the babies - they will be paying for your retirement one day! ;-)

Esther said...

My favorite website for healthy recipes is and there's some really good stuff on there. Including healthified recipes that used to be higher in fat and calories. Yum!

BeaumontGirl said...

theses menu's are great!!!! so glad I found your blog via the hop :) :)

Alyx said...

Man, i really should eat healthier, but I guess I just don't have the motivation. I suppose that's why I'm focusing on working out!

Wenhao Guo said...
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