Thursday, August 2, 2012

I've Come Over All Nautical

Check out these gorgeous pieces of jewellery!

 And it's not all nautical - I'm loving this colour combination!

And this appeals to my 'English' love of the weather (cough).

Where do they come from? Well, an awesome etsy called Sassy Lemonade makes and sells these bad boys and I will be ordering me up some of these...I love the chunky chain and anchor above. 

Keep reading by clicking the link!

So now would probably be the time that I would announce a giveaway or discount or something. In truth, I didn't ask for one when I offered to feature the shop. Why? Well, because it was thanks to this lovely lady that I reached my target of 250 followers on GFC. 


Last week I asked for some help in Twitter land to reach this massive milestone. Lots of you helped with retweeting, but Sassy Lemonade was the lucky number 250 and to say thank you and because I genuinely love the items in this shop, I thought I'd give her a Craftbotic shout out.

Go show her some love guys. You can find her here and on Twitter and her blog here



Lieke said...

Super cool! Love the 3rd and 4th necklace!

Stephanie said...

The little umbrella necklace is adorable!

Nicholl Vincent said...

These are fabulous!

Drop by and say hello! Have a wonderful day!

Susanne Kooijman said...

Hi! Lovely blog you have and love the necklaces:)
I am a new follower, found you through the follow part @ Chiffon Dairy.

xx Susie

Alyx said...

I love those necklaces! Why have I not heard of this shop until now ?

Cocalores said...

So cute! I love these anchor ones - navy / blue and white is always a great combination! Let's go shopping! xo Anja

Rosie said...

Stephanie, I think that one is gorgeous too. Xx

Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

That anchor necklace is amazing! I love it! Definitely going to check out her Etsy shop!


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