Thursday, August 16, 2012

Go, Go Meal Planner! Week 3 of Eating Well

On Week 3 of my healthy eating quest (yup, after 3 weeks it can qualify as an epic journey...), I fully expected I would lapse into 'shall we just get a frozen pizza'...I was starting school, the supermarket wasn't co-operative with the ingredients and, let's face it, breaking the habit of stuffing yourself with rubbish is fairly hard to beat.  There were a couple of days where I had more snacks than I normally would, mainly induced by studying related 'low' points, but I still managed to cook all of the meals.

Gerglish term of the day: They were LECKERLICIOUS!
 So this is what I planned to eat:


I didn't stick to the days, but we ate all of the meals.
Here's what it all looked like (except the chicken...I forgot!):

The Mexican Burgers & Dip, Fish Kebabs and Tapas were just about the most tasty things I have eaten all summer.  Andi did a super-marvellous job of making three dishes: Patatas Bravas, Persian Spiced Kebabs and Pinchos. He also liked the Mexican bean dip so much he said he could, and I quote: "drink it".  I added some extra lime zest to the recipe to give it some zing.

The 'Tuna' kebabs soon became the 'Salmon' kebabs due to the ridiculously high price of fish in Germany. Even with the cheaper fish option taken it still cost over 10 euros for 500g of the stuff. Luckily the recipe was really yummy and the deliciousness made up for the cost. It didn't give Andi back the time I spent ranting about how much cheaper the whole meal would have been in England though.

Ready for the Week 4 Menu plan?


These suckers are getting harder and harder to prepare. I REALLY need some recipe suggestions folks. Can you help? Pretty please? Oh and let me know if you try any of them out. I'd be heaps interested to hear what you think.



Ms. Cathy said...

Hey! Go you for eating healthy and an extra kudos for making a plan AND holding yourself accountable. I love it because it's so motivating for me!

I'm your newest follower dear. Follow back because I think you would enjoy some of my healthy posts too :)

Cathy Trails

Lieke said...

Hmmmm it sounds delicious! I am impressed about all these meals! Where do you get the recipes?

Ashley said...

You are so good!! I need to be better at planning healthy meals in advance.

Breenah said...

The tuna kabobs look DELISH.
Check out my Pinterest, I've got a BUNCH of recipes pinned under Food and under Pins I've Done.

ChrissyAi said...

I love this idea! I love being organized so this is something I could definitely see myself doing, haha. Love it!

Alyx said...

You are a champ!!

Deidre said...

Menu planning for the week is my least favourite time. It's so hard for me to predict what I want to eat a week from now!

I find that going through cooking magazines is a great way for me to get inspiration - and also Smitten Kitchen ...I'm ALWAYS inspired by smitten kitchen.

Cocalores said...

Wow, you really stick to the plan! Three weeks in a row with all of those fantastic meals is pretty impressive! I can't really help with the recipes, though, because I only own baking books. Isn't that a shame? ;-) xo Anja

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