Thursday, August 30, 2012

And last, but not least - Meet the Blog Angels Week 5

I am really excited to introduce you to some of the lovely ladies who signed up to be Blog Angels in August. As I am enjoying my summer holidays, I actually have the time to feature these lovely ladies. The fact they have signed up means they are friendly bloggers, so get to know them a bit better, visit a bit, and say hello. They aren't my sponsors...they haven't paid me any money. I just really like them and I think you will too.
Meet Courtney
I'm Courtney, a wife, mama and writer. My blog Baxtron{Life} is a place where I share everything that I love, lots of pictures of life in NYC with our little family of three, daily musings, fun link-ups and some of the real struggles of my life.

Random Fact: I want 7 kids! WOOHOO!

Meet Mandee
I blog about recipes, tutorials and a lot about volunteering and charity work. Lately I have been opening up and being honest and getting positive feedback and that people want me to write like this more. I also blog about my jewelry business, Cloud Nine Designz LLC.
random fact: I was born 3 and 1/2 months early 1980, when premature babies were non existent and I was born with my eye's crossed.

Meet Amy
I have a general lifestyle blog with focuses on art, inspiration, and wellness.  Occasionally, you will find a recipe, a DIY project, or an outfit post.  I currently have Wedding Wednesdays with recaps from my wedding in June as well as my tips and tricks. 

A random fact about myself: I love watching MMA (mixed martial arts) fighting.
Meet Kim
I am a single christian woman living in New York City.  I am an artist of many trades. I am an aspiring writer, photographer, knitter, and creator of random things. Singledou[b]t is as scattered as I tend to be. Day to day, i focus on very different things from what I am learning in life to what i am cooking in the kitchen to the people who inspire me.  I want my blog to be one about community, learning and growing through interactions with my NYC community and my blogger community. 

Random Fact: I am currently attempting to learn Spanish. I life in a neighborhood in New York that has a high Spanish speaking population. I've lived in this neighborhood for 6 years and haven't been able to really get to know people because of it. you've now met half of the Blog Angels from August. Aren't these gals great? I am not exaggerating when I say how much support I have personally received from these guys. Some of them have become very good friends of mine over the last couple of rounds and I am glad that ALL of them have taken part.
October sees the next round of Blog Angels! How exciting! You can sign up for the scheme (if you are really prepared to commit to helping someone else) from 15th September. All you need to do is feel in a super quick form and you will be given someone to look after for a month.

The first 100 people to sign up will be able to take part. I would love it if we could reach 100 truly committed participants this round!

(The commitment is fairly small but MUST be maintained for people to keep faith with the program.)

My September Link-Up and CHALLENGE will be live on 1st September - check back to see if you are up for spreading some additional random happiness with me and some of my blog pals.

Peace out folks!

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