Monday, August 6, 2012

An English girl, American girl and German girl walked into a cafe....

 ....and had a super-fantastic, first bloggy date (which Anja assures me is called a 'blate'.) We also had a white chocolate coffee drink which was an excellent way to calm the nerves and get conversation going. There was also a possibility at one point that we wouldn't progress past the cafe....they didn't seem keen for us to pay the bill!

 Anja/English/Rosie (Moi)

You can see what English from Be Freckled and Anja from Cocalores made of the day by clicking on the links. English was our 'official' photographer for the day, so you will find a lot more piccies on her site.

Here's my photos and the top 5 moments of the day:

 (From left to right: Anja in the Schloss garden *  the back of the Schloss *
* English's 'pose * Some pretty flowers * Anja & English striking a pose * the Botanical gardens * the Schloss*

 1. Arriving on the tram, I could see Anja waiting by the Pyramid in the main market square.  As I stepped off the tram, I was delighted to find that I had a soundtrack courtesy of a tuba playing man in a top hat. The song you ask? 'Pretty Woman' obviously. While waiting for English, I fully enjoyed his rendition of 'My Heart Will Go On' and 'Eye of the Tiger'.  I was devastated when, from the comfy seats of the cafe he had stopped playing. I was elated that he had just moved to another square. I totally photo bombed his performance - but the photo is blurry! Ha!

2. Finding that English and Anja are an absolute blast. I haven't laughed so much in ages. I can't even really remember what we laughed at now....I just remember laughing. Good times!

3. The craft shop. Seriously. I bought lots of beads and paper and crafty bits. I was a little bit overexcited by the bead display. What the girls don't know is that I went to the craft shop in Mannheim on the way home too. I am officially poor, but with lots of craft to do. Um, whoop?!

4. Soaking up the sun in Karlsruhe. The park around the Schloss and Botanical garden is seriously beautiful. Where else can you take silly photos, chat about dogs and see a man with a lute, couples having a smooch and a train all at the same time? 

5. Knowing that these wonderful ladies actually want to meet up again. I have my fingers crossed that we'll catch up before September, if school will let me....yup I said school (more on that later in the week.)

If you have the opportunity to meet up with a blogger whose blog you love and it's not at some massive conference thing, just do it! Like any blind date, a blind 'blate' only has to last as long as the conversation. Go for coffee - talk about blogging (we almost managed this!), talk about life.

Reaching out and connecting with people. That's what's blogging is all about. Well in my world it is.

Happy Monday folks. What are your plans for the week?



English Anderson said...

Love the pictures! Can't wait until September :)

Cocalores said...

Major pang of guilt - haven't uploaded my photos yet! Will do that right now =)
It seems that we made "blate" an official word now. Even if our blate hadn't been completely awesome, just for the sake of this word it would have been great, right?

xo Anja

PS September, here we come!

Emily Spark said...

That looks like it was definitely a blast!

Katlyn Larson said...

This sounds like soooo much fun! I am jealous that you have found other amazing bloggers to meet up with! I am still on the look out to do this myself!

Thanks so much for sharing love! ♥ Next time invite meee, ha!

Katlyn xo

Kelly said...

SO fun girl!

Stephanie said...

Looks like you all had fun! I wish I knew bloggers who lived near me so I could have a 'blate' too! lol

Alyx said...

Awww, you guys are so cute, and it looks and sounds like you had a blast!!!

Jill J @ Classy with a Kick said...

Found you on the Blog Hop! So happy I did! Hope you'll follow me back! :)

xo, jill from

Jade Steckly said...

I found you on the blog hop...nice to meet you!

Dalayna Dillon said...

Hey there lovely! I am a new follower thanks to the blog hop. :D Thanks for hosting today! There are so many great link ups today, but I just had to be a part of this one. I am actually hosting one myself today called FOR THE LOVE OF COFFEE. I don't know if you are an addict like myself, but I would love for you to swing by and link up with us. Plus! There is a giveaway too! Hope to see ya there.

Kristen said...

Hello~! Glad to have found you via the GFC Hop (I love this hop!!). You're blog is very interesting (so far) & I can't wait to see more. I'd love a return vist/follow/comment/whatev! :)) Have a glorious fantastic rest of the week :P


Malo said...

This looks like so much fun!! Following via the GFC blog hop ;)

Jelli said...

Hi Rosie! Following you from the hop. Loved the catchy title of this post. haha.

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