Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Where's Rosie?

Well, as of 3am this morning I am off to Spain: whoop! I owe you guys a small apology...apart from book club and Blog angels, I really haven't been able to get any posts together. So I am taking an unashamed total two week break from blog land. I will be here for the first week:
(Photo from here)

You can sign up to Blog Angels from the 14th July. (Any problems please email Katlyn!). I will allocate you a blogger by the end of July to start on August 1st. Please tell all of your friends.
You can also take part in book club. We're reading 50 Shades, in case you haven't heard.
In the meantime, you could check out the following (non-exhaustive lists of) blogs that I won't be able to read because I am not in the country.

I will miss my blog buddies, but rest assured I will medicate this feeling with Rioja and Tapas.

Speak soon!
Rosie xx

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