Sunday, July 1, 2012

Well, I would be very pleased to meet you! A Q&A Vlog Link-up

**********If you are looking for the Blog Angel's reveal, it's the next post down!***********

The time has finally come my friends! Yes, that's right, you get to hear my accent and see me move in my very first Vlog!  Katlyn has been talking about her Q&A Vlog link up for a while now. She says 'spamming' Twitter - but we all want to know the awesome projects we can join in with, don't we?I am lucky enough to be a co-host. To take part just follow Katlyn via GFC and consider following the co-hosts too. 

Katlyn hopes that you all will follow us and show the love! 
Rosie @ Craftbotics

I'll let her explain how it works too:

 Just shoot your vid, make a post about it, and link it up below! Easy right?! So let's do this.. Have fun my friends! :)


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