Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey - Week 6

Oh gosh, it's week 6 you guys! This means we're turning the last few pages of this novel so we can discuss and open up about everything! It's both a sad and happy time because we get to continue our friendship by opening more covers and exploring all that writing can give us, but we are also closing one of our BEST link ups so far in Bloggy Book Club!
We hope that you all will join us again on August 7th for our first week of discussion for the novel Fallen by Lauren Kate. For now though, I hope you will open up about Fifty Shades of Grey one last time! Here's what we want to ask you....

"How would you sum up this novel?"
"How did you feel about the ending of this novel?"

We have also assigned you a little project to think about, which is to write your own short story to see how writing something so sexy and erotic would make you feel. If you choose to write one please include it in your discussion post. Now we understand if you don't want to participate due to having a family friendly blog, but you can also attach a word document onto our Facebook group if that makes you feel better! We look forward to reading at least a few. Have fun!

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Discussion 6

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