Monday, July 2, 2012

Check Out This New Kid in the Blogosphere

I hope that you guys are getting your posts ready to share at my one off link-up!  It's only open THIS week and you could win a prize for your New Kid!

I'm entering too, because I love this girl's blog. I nearly fell over myself when I found my first British bloggette and started reading really regularly. She did the most amazing tutorial for my Festival Fever series. Seriously....check it out!

 I just don't understand why she doesn't have a gazillion followers out there.  I hope you can read on and then go and jump on her awesome bandwagon.

All photos from Heron's Crafts

Without further ado, please meet Rebecca from Heron's Crafts.  She likes to read, cook, craft, innovate and generally be a friendly all around awesome person.

I really love all of her recipes and can't wait for her new It's a Wrap Wednesday series where she'll feature a new wrap filling each week.  Check out this cool patriotic cake! Yum, yes please!

On the crafty side, this girl rules too. My favourite tutorials so far include her Kindle cover (below) and cute Olympic ticket holder.

Her 42 GFC connect followers are really lucky people. I would be stoked if you'd join us in your appreciation of Rebecca.

(All opinions about this blog are mine alone. There has been NO financial renumeration or otherwise in the production of this post. She just ROCKS...)

I hope to see you link up too. It would make my, and some New Kid on the Blog's day/week/year if you did.

Hugs, Rosie xx

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