Thursday, July 26, 2012


Well, since yesterday I have had some lovely feedback and what's best - you guys were honest. On top of that, some of my blog buddies just sent me some bits they had designed for me.

Anja from Cocalores designed me some Favicons and Chelsea from Yours Truly (and a bonefide proper designer person who makes awesome website designs) made my header and social media buttons extra cool. Please go and show them some love!

I am still playing around with the design to get some warmth in the colour scheme. I'm not quite sure just yet what to go for! (I am not really a 'pink person'). Any ideas?

Rosie xx


Cocalores said...

Thanks for the mention, Rosie!

I would totally recomment pink (ha ha, being a pink person ;-) but yeah, I should listen to what people say before adding my two cents *g* What about a warm yellowy, egg yolk hue?

Simi Valley Web Design said...

Lovely post! I also like this type posts. said...

Chelsea just recently re did my entire blog design and she's amazing! love your header.

Breenah said...

Looking good! Maybe see if you like a grey on the sides instead of the light blue?


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