Tuesday, July 24, 2012

50 Shades of Over - What next? Ooooo! And I'm home!

I'm back blogosphere and had an awesome holiday...well I am technically still on holiday, as I am in Germany, but I am back to blogging like a crazy person!

So there are a few updates!  I am still looking for some more folks to be Blog Angels. Cut off day is Wednesday 25th July (TOMORROW) so please sign up if you haven't already.

I will be writing lots about the festival and my holiday, but not all at once...that would be an overload - besides I need to sort out my photos first and do boring, yet necessary things, like washing...unpacking...sitting on my butt reading the Internet! I missed you guys. My boyfriend did an awesome job with the surprise tour of Spain. I loved it. Just look at that water (a salt lake); what's not to love?!

While I am still on holiday, I would love to do some guest posting. Anyone want me to guest post? Just shoot me a comment below or an email.

Sooooo, it's the last week of Bloggy book club. I can't wait to start reading 'Fallen' the new novel we are starting. I downloaded it to my Kindle yesterday and once I have done some German revision, I'm getting started!  

I have enjoyed chatting about '50 Shades' with you guys and reading all of the different opinions. I wish I could have loved the story a bit more - did you pick up that I didn't?

So let's start chatting about the last two questions, 
"How would you sum up this novel?"
"How did you feel about the ending of this novel?"
 I would sum up the novel as: sensationalist. Like other texts before it, it relies on the shock factor to win readers and, well, it's worked, hasn't it? She has made a good old retirement fund for her right there - and I wish Ms James every success in the future.  I feel kind of empty though for those writers who are writing ground-breaking, life-changing literature and are not even picked up by major retailers.  The dying book- shop industry is every more reliant on stuff that I wouldn't pass for literature and it devastates me that exceptional authors are almost past the investment as they don't make enough profit. Don't get me wrong, I am not blaming E.L James for the decline in literature. Fair play to her, and her publishers for reading the market well. I just wish that other people, who are actually 'talented' at writing, rather than rehashing a 'been there bought the T-Shirt' plot line, were making their millions and enriching as many people with their stories.
At the end of the novel, I felt like I needed to read the next one. NOT to see if they got back together again (as that was the lamest cliffhanger ending ever - there are two more books folks), but to see if she was going to continue into the world of the BDSM lifestyle or cop-out completely by blaming his 'interests' completely on a damaged up-bringing. If you read the other two books already, you'll know how I felt after book three...
 A really brave move would have been to write honestly about a community of people who just like doing things a bit differently because they find it fun.  This is not a brave series of books - it is a predictable one. 

I'm off to do me some sun bathing - it is roasting here in Germany and I intend to make the most of it. 

Rosie xo


Katlyn Larson said...

I can' wait to see all your pictures & stories! We've missed you Ms. Rosie!!! :) Love you girl.
Katlyn xo

Lieke said...

Hi Rosie, so I checked out your blog and love it! Love that your from Europe, that you boyfriend is German and that you love crafts. Next to do on your blog is check out this blog angel thing! You have a new follower!


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