Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why I'm Excited Today!

You may have woken up groaning this morning, looked out the window, seen rain or the prospect of working, cleaning, sorting out your mail. Tuesdays haven't the biggest reputation to be causes of celebration (except they're not Monday), except today.

I'm going to be getting on a train in 1 hour and 20 minutes (note to self - get dressed soon) to go to Karlsruhe to meet genuine REAL LIFE blog buddies!

It's an absolute dream to be heading out into the wilderness (well towns) of Germany and actually seeing other bloggers. I wish I could hop over to so many of my USA buddies and join a blog conventions. With my savings, it's just not possible yet.

So who am I meeting? (EEP!) I am heading over to see English who blogs at  Be Freckled and Anja who is otherwise known in the Blogosphere as Cocalores.

CocaloresWhy don't you go and meet them via their blogs today - you won't be disappointed. We can talk about the wonderful experiences when I get back.

Have an awesome Tuesday folks.  I'll be blog hopping my brains out when I return this evening - so if you're visiting from Melissa's, don't worry, I'll return your follow soon.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Am I Just Getting too Old for Festivals?

That is a tough question and I'm going to say that I'm NOT too old for festivals. What I think I am too old for is doing a festival like my 16 year old self would...drunk and with no sleep (more on that later)

So, many of you avid readers (cough) will know I have been in Spain for a couple of weeks, firstly at Benicassim music festival (FIB 2012) and then travelling with my awesome boyf.

For those of you not so sure where Benicassim is, it's here. 

On the south coast of Spain, it is a gorgeous place to take your family to relax for a beach holiday. The water is gorgeous; there is just enough of a mix between tourism and genuine Spain to get some decent tapas and the people are friendly.

Once a year, thousands of people descend on this little town for one of Europe's biggest festivals. Check out the line up for this year:
Cool right?

Well, being the anally retentive super organised person I am, when the tickets were booked (a Christmas whim with some of my work buds as we dreamt of warmth and lovely sunshine), I immediately started 'researching' the festival. What would we need to take? How hot would it be? How gross was the campsite going to be?
Click to read more!

Friday, July 27, 2012

When Family Makes you BURST with Pride!

When I was a kid, I can't remember feeling proud of my parents. I loved them, thought they were magical super-beings and generally could do anything they wanted to, but I can't remember a feeling of pride, per se. Maybe the teenage years just wiped it out of my system (or maybe it was just the 'Mr Bean' style lime green Mini they bought as a second car back then). 

Well, ever since I was a working adult, who suddenly valued weekends a whole lot more and got the 'knackered after work/university' vibes, I think I definitely feel very proud of them. Now, you probably aren't aware that I have award-winning parents.

That's correct award-winning!

Since my brother started running at the local athletics club, which is about 18 years ago this year, my parents have both volunteered at the club. My mum was the club secretary for 7 or so years and then helped with membership and now still works helping the club and by judging the tiny kiddies events that take part throughout the year. Over the years I have lost track of the number of times my mum has won awards from our town as 'Volunteer of the Year' recognising her commitment to the club. I've also lost track as she never announces a 'win' - she just goes to the ceremony, rocks up home with a trophy and then hides it on the mantelpiece until someone notices! A case in point came when I looked for a photo online JUST now. Apparently last year she won the SOUTH EAST of ENGLAND regional award. The lady is so modest sometimes, it's exasperating! 

My dad took a different route. He started as a field events official, turning up to lots of meetings to measure what everyone had jumped or thrown. As he continued throughout the years, he progressed through the different gradings of being a judge. He was given an 'international' status sometime in the last three years and is in the top 50 judges in the country. It's pretty cool because I sometimes switch on the athletics that they show on the BBC and there is my dad, waving a flag at someone! He won the area award this year and he will hate that I have shared this photo with you - ha!

Well, today is the first day of the Olympics and I am really excited. In truth, not overly about the sport, but because my dad will be there as a field judge. Well, actually he is on the technical management team (I believe he is the assistant to the top dog in this field) and he will be there from Monday all the way through the athletics at the Olympics and then again at the Paralympic games. His team are responsible for making sure all of the equipment is fair, in the correct place at the correct time, at the correct angle and at its optimum to help the athletes get those Olympic and World Records. What you guys don't see when someone chucks a new discus record, is that discus being taken off my the technical officials to inspect it. The record only becomes confirmed when the equipment is deemed fair.

 (photo courtesy of my brother taking pictures of the TV! This isn't at the Olympics)

The London Olympic people wanted to make these Olympics all about the athletes. I don't think it is. Without people like my dad and the thousands of other volunteers who coach at and run the clubs our athletes were discovered in, there would be no great athletes. For my dad, judging at the Olympic games is the biggest honour and reward he could ever have received for his 18 years of dedication to the sport of athletics. I am so proud of him. Whether we see him on the box, or he's in a shed somewhere off site, I am so proud of him and all of the other volunteers that make something like the Olympic games happen.

Does your family make you proud? Are they involved in the Olympics? Are you excited to see what happens? Will you be now trying to spot my dad on the T.V? Are you wondering why I am still asking questions? Me too!

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Giveaway Alert! It's been a LONG time....

I really enjoyed making my new blog design and even though, in the end, it became a bit of a collaborative venture with my really awesome blogging friends....I finally feel like I have some skills to offer others...who have less skills or time to burn than me!

I can make buttons (see the selection below) and the little HTML box things.

 I can make social media buttons (like these and probably in other styles too!!)


 And I can do signatures (well just about, ha!) 


So I am offering the following prizes:
  • 1 x Button advertising your blog or a new feature/link-up.
  • 6 x social media buttons (or up to) for the social media of your choice
  • A signature
  • (Three changes to any aspects of the design for these)
The giveaway starts today and will run for one week (closing 2nd August). Designs will be completed by 31st August after collaboration with the winner.  Rafflecopter will be used to decide the winner and you will have 48 hours to claim your prize. Your prize is transferable to another person of your nomination or could be hosted as a giveaway on your own website if you have no personal use for the prize. What a deal?! So enter and then spread the word.

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Well, since yesterday I have had some lovely feedback and what's best - you guys were honest. On top of that, some of my blog buddies just sent me some bits they had designed for me.

Anja from Cocalores designed me some Favicons and Chelsea from Yours Truly (and a bonefide proper designer person who makes awesome website designs) made my header and social media buttons extra cool. Please go and show them some love!

I am still playing around with the design to get some warmth in the colour scheme. I'm not quite sure just yet what to go for! (I am not really a 'pink person'). Any ideas?

Rosie xx

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Blog Design Alert

Thanks to anyone who has visited throughout the day and put up with my blog 'mess'. I have now nearly finished. Just deciding on whether or not to have a background....oh and I need to make a load more buttons for the new look Craftbotic.

What do you guys think? Please be honest!

Rosie x

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

50 Shades of Over - What next? Ooooo! And I'm home!

I'm back blogosphere and had an awesome holiday...well I am technically still on holiday, as I am in Germany, but I am back to blogging like a crazy person!

So there are a few updates!  I am still looking for some more folks to be Blog Angels. Cut off day is Wednesday 25th July (TOMORROW) so please sign up if you haven't already.

I will be writing lots about the festival and my holiday, but not all at once...that would be an overload - besides I need to sort out my photos first and do boring, yet necessary things, like washing...unpacking...sitting on my butt reading the Internet! I missed you guys. My boyfriend did an awesome job with the surprise tour of Spain. I loved it. Just look at that water (a salt lake); what's not to love?!

While I am still on holiday, I would love to do some guest posting. Anyone want me to guest post? Just shoot me a comment below or an email.

Sooooo, it's the last week of Bloggy book club. I can't wait to start reading 'Fallen' the new novel we are starting. I downloaded it to my Kindle yesterday and once I have done some German revision, I'm getting started!  

I have enjoyed chatting about '50 Shades' with you guys and reading all of the different opinions. I wish I could have loved the story a bit more - did you pick up that I didn't?

So let's start chatting about the last two questions, 
"How would you sum up this novel?"
"How did you feel about the ending of this novel?"

Fifty Shades of Grey - Week 6

Oh gosh, it's week 6 you guys! This means we're turning the last few pages of this novel so we can discuss and open up about everything! It's both a sad and happy time because we get to continue our friendship by opening more covers and exploring all that writing can give us, but we are also closing one of our BEST link ups so far in Bloggy Book Club!
We hope that you all will join us again on August 7th for our first week of discussion for the novel Fallen by Lauren Kate. For now though, I hope you will open up about Fifty Shades of Grey one last time! Here's what we want to ask you....

"How would you sum up this novel?"
"How did you feel about the ending of this novel?"

We have also assigned you a little project to think about, which is to write your own short story to see how writing something so sexy and erotic would make you feel. If you choose to write one please include it in your discussion post. Now we understand if you don't want to participate due to having a family friendly blog, but you can also attach a word document onto our Facebook group if that makes you feel better! We look forward to reading at least a few. Have fun!

Our Community
Discussion 6

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sign up to Blog Angels August - MORE RECRUITS NEEDED!


{If you want to find out what Blog Angels is, check out this post here.}

Blog Angels June was so successful with 75 people volunteering to be an Angel for someone else. For the whole month they assisted someone SECRETLY, commenting on their blog, featuring them on their blogs, designing buttons and signatures as well as offering sponsorship or advice. We were blown away with everyone's creativity and can't wait to see what people come up with in August!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey - Week 5

You should pretty much know how this all works now so we'll be getting right to the point, but before we start we have some very important announcements!! 

The next featured title is going to be Fallen by Lauren Kate!
I hope we will see you next round to follow and discuss along with us! :)

The next announcement is the winner of the giveaway. Drum roll please....

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Congratulations! Make sure to check your email and reply so we know where to send your gift card!

And one last thing is about the little assignment that was given out in week 3, which was to sit down and write your own spicy short story so we can all share and see how fun it is to write down our own fantasies. We are looking forward to reading them! But let's get down to the nitty gritty shall we? 

*Please note that we do not recommend anyone under the age of 18 to read or participate in this round of book club due to graphic scenes*

"Do you think Christian is capable of loving Ana?"
How do you feel about Christian's relationship with Elena? What was in your head when you found out they were business partners?"

Fifty Shades Community:

Monday, July 16, 2012

Will I have a tan yet?

Um, no! In short...I won't. I am still in very sunny, hot Spain. I have spent 6 whole days living OUTSIDE in a tent and every single day at the beach.  (I do wear a high SPF and take shade, water - so don't worry folks!) I couldn't find the little paint chart I take away for my usual trips. It's a running joke: I aim to make it to magnolia by the end of two weeks. I just don't tan.  The paint chart is a useful barometer for people though to see I have changed colour. It's easier than showing my actual 'white bits'.  So, I won't have a tan; I may be off white though.

 I still owe you guys a small apology...apart from book club and Blog angels, I really haven't been able to get any posts together. So I am taking an unashamed total two week break from blog land. I have been here for the first week:

(Photo from here)

I took a pad and some pens so I could keep track better to update you lovely folks when I am at home.
Hopefully now you have signed up to Blog Angels. (Any problems please email Katlyn!). I will allocate you a blogger by the end of July to start on August 1st. Please tell all of your friends.
You can also take part in book club. We're reading 50 Shades, in case you haven't heard. I can't wait to see what the new book is for next time!
In the meantime, you could check out the following (non-exhaustive lists of) blogs that I won't be able to read because I am not in the country. Can you leave some loving comments from me?

I will have just been picked up by my boyfriend for my secret birthday tour through Spain. All I know is we end up in Madrid. I've never been there. It's very exciting.
Speak soon!
Rosie xx

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Why my Inner Goddess is Screaming - 50 Shades Discussion Week 3 & 4

Disclaimer: read THIS first post before you decide whether or not you want to read on.  (Have you guys noticed how my warnings are just getting shorter?)

So to this week's questions and last week's too (YUP I'm answering them in one go this time!)

Week 4 of Bloggy Book Club - Can You Believe It?

Week 4 already?! Can you even believe it, because we can't!
We are having such a blast with all of you though and can't wait to hear more about your take on Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James.

*Please note that we do not recommend anyone under the age of 18 to read or participate in this round of book club due to graphic scenes*

We hope you'll join us and participate in this fun little club that has developed. You'll have fun we promise! :)

Also remember to enter our giveaway, but ONLY if you plan to participate!
But let's get to the point of this post shall we? Answer all of the questions or pick one! We thought options would be fun! Have fun you guys!

"Do you feel that if the author had made Ana more experienced that this novel would have been so interesting?"
"What was your first thought when Christian wouldn't let Ana touch him?"
"Why do you think Christian Grey has made BDSM such a massive part of his life? Do you feel that this is a natural sexual desire?"

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fifty Shades Community:

Discussion Post:

Where's Rosie?

Well, as of 3am this morning I am off to Spain: whoop! I owe you guys a small apology...apart from book club and Blog angels, I really haven't been able to get any posts together. So I am taking an unashamed total two week break from blog land. I will be here for the first week:
(Photo from here)

You can sign up to Blog Angels from the 14th July. (Any problems please email Katlyn!). I will allocate you a blogger by the end of July to start on August 1st. Please tell all of your friends.
You can also take part in book club. We're reading 50 Shades, in case you haven't heard.
In the meantime, you could check out the following (non-exhaustive lists of) blogs that I won't be able to read because I am not in the country.

I will miss my blog buddies, but rest assured I will medicate this feeling with Rioja and Tapas.

Speak soon!
Rosie xx

Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Kid on the Blog Winner!

(The lovely

I am really pleased to announce that Laura from Mice in the Kitchen won the random draw for a discounted 50% Simple design package from Tiffany's awesome TKC Designs. I used a good old 'draw the winner out of a hat' method! 

Congratulations, Laura! Thanks to everyone who linked up! I'd love to do this again with more than 5 of us and different 'prize' for the newbie blogger. Who would be up for this again sometime?

Rosie xx   

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Week 3 Book Club Link Up: 50 Shades

Another week has come and gone for round two of Bloggy Book Club, but it has been such a good time so far and we cannot wait to see what else you all have to say about the what's going on in Fifty Shades of Grey! 
*Again we want to say that we do not recommend anyone under the age of 18 to take part since there is a lot of graphic scenes!*
Also, remember about the giveaway that is going on, but we have to say that if you just enter the mandatory entries and then not participate further with the book club then your entries will not be counted! This giveaway is ONLY for participants!
But anyways, on to the questions... You can answer all or just one, but please link up your post so we can see it, and of course have fun with it!
"Why do you think this book has become so popular?"
"How do you feel about Ana's subconscious and inner goddess?"

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fifty Shades Community:

Discussion Post:

Monday, July 2, 2012

Check Out This New Kid in the Blogosphere

I hope that you guys are getting your posts ready to share at my one off link-up!  It's only open THIS week and you could win a prize for your New Kid!

I'm entering too, because I love this girl's blog. I nearly fell over myself when I found my first British bloggette and started reading really regularly. She did the most amazing tutorial for my Festival Fever series. Seriously....check it out!

 I just don't understand why she doesn't have a gazillion followers out there.  I hope you can read on and then go and jump on her awesome bandwagon.

All photos from Heron's Crafts

Without further ado, please meet Rebecca from Heron's Crafts.  She likes to read, cook, craft, innovate and generally be a friendly all around awesome person.

I really love all of her recipes and can't wait for her new It's a Wrap Wednesday series where she'll feature a new wrap filling each week.  Check out this cool patriotic cake! Yum, yes please!

On the crafty side, this girl rules too. My favourite tutorials so far include her Kindle cover (below) and cute Olympic ticket holder.

Her 42 GFC connect followers are really lucky people. I would be stoked if you'd join us in your appreciation of Rebecca.

(All opinions about this blog are mine alone. There has been NO financial renumeration or otherwise in the production of this post. She just ROCKS...)

I hope to see you link up too. It would make my, and some New Kid on the Blog's day/week/year if you did.

Hugs, Rosie xx

New Kids on The Blog - A Feature Link Party

There's a great blog I read nearly everyday; it's awesome. I love chatting with the girl who writes it; she writes quality posts which clearly take a lot of time, care and attention. Yet - she has 35 or so GFC followers (well when I last looked).  I've tried tweeting, mentioning, recommending people read her blog, and maybe it has made a small amount of difference, but the fact remains: this girl has a blog worth reading without the audience she deserves.
Is this where I reveal who she is and why I love her blog so much?  No
New Kids on the Blog is! This link up is for more established bloggers (read 100 plus followers) who want to help out a brand new blogger (someone with fewer than 100 followers), without taking sponsorship, favours, or without 'getting' anything in return.
All you need to do is write a post about a smaller blog that you like to read, or recently discovered sharing with the world why they should follow it. (Where possible these shouldn't be your sponsors).
You might want to introduce the blogger, what they blog about, how you found them and highlight favourite posts. Just remember to credit any of their photos and link back to their blog at some point!
Basic Rules:
1. Follow your host via GFC
2. Display the button in your post (In my sidebar)
3. Link up the post on 2nd July (When the party will go live!)
4.  Visit other blogs and help grow these fantastic new additions to our community.
5. Don't forget to let your featured blog know you've written about them!

There's a big BONUS too.  When you link up you will earn one entry for your featured blog (not you) to win 50%  off a simple blog design package by Tiffany @ TKC Designs
The prize will be drawn and announced on 7th July. The winning blog will have 48 hours to claim the prize before a new winner is announced. No cash alternative will be offered for the discount. 
(I reserve the right to remove links that don't feature a new blogger - so please don't link up your own blog or a craft project!)
For taking part - you are beautiful people.
Rosie xx

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Well, I would be very pleased to meet you! A Q&A Vlog Link-up

**********If you are looking for the Blog Angel's reveal, it's the next post down!***********

The time has finally come my friends! Yes, that's right, you get to hear my accent and see me move in my very first Vlog!  Katlyn has been talking about her Q&A Vlog link up for a while now. She says 'spamming' Twitter - but we all want to know the awesome projects we can join in with, don't we?I am lucky enough to be a co-host. To take part just follow Katlyn via GFC and consider following the co-hosts too. 

Katlyn hopes that you all will follow us and show the love! 
Rosie @ Craftbotics

I'll let her explain how it works too:

 Just shoot your vid, make a post about it, and link it up below! Easy right?! So let's do this.. Have fun my friends! :)


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